Jobs for High School Graduates

Jobs for High School Graduates

Let Us Help You find the Right Job for You

If high school graduation is in your near future, and you’re ready to explore career options, you’ve reached the right destination. 

Even if you’ve had a job before or you’re new to the market, now is the time to learn more about various types of jobs, so you can start on a career that best fits with your interests and skills.

It can be a lot to think about, but you’re in good hands. Friday Services recruits, trains and places talented people to work for businesses and industries in western North Carolina. 

We can help you learn more about available jobs for high school graduates and what those jobs are all about.  Here are eight positions to get you started.

Customer Service Representative

What you do: Interact with customers to provide information about a company’s products and services. Maintain a professional, positive manner when talking with customers in-person, over the phone or by email. Handle customer complaints or provide information on discounts and incentives.

Skill required: Great listening, communication and problem-solving skills

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $34,000 per year


What you do: Operate machines or equipment that mix or blend materials for any number of industries, including chemicals, color pigments, agricultural products, food products, and more.

Skill required: Physical strength, dexterity, and attention to detail

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $34,000 per year


What you do: Put together various products following detailed instructions to create products efficiently and correctly. Provide maintenance of assembled equipment, analysis, and ensure quality control.

Skill required: Physical strength, dexterity, and attention to detail

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $28,000 per year

Material Handler

What you do: Locate products, wrap or package them appropriately, and place them on delivery trucks. Take products off of trucks and put them on shelves. Ensure customer orders can be fulfilled and moved quickly.

Skill required: Physical strength, dexterity, and attention to detail

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $32,000 per year

Bank Teller

What you do: Provides account services for customers by receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, and recording night and mail deposits. Sells cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, and savings bonds.

Skill required: Great customer service skills, attention to detail, and basic accounting knowledge

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $30,000 per year

Administrative Assistant

What you do: Organize, manage and keep an office running smoothly. This may include tasks like organizing files, scheduling appointments, assisting other staff members, directing customers, drafting messages, and maintaining office supplies.

Skill required: Organization skills, attention to detail, and basic computer knowledge

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $38,000 per year


What you do: Manual tasks like digging ditches, moving debris, unloading materials, and preparing a work site. Use hand tools, operate machinery and assist crews with necessary tasks.

Skill required: Physical strength and dexterity

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $32,000 per year

Environmental Services Technician

What you do: Maintain a safe, healthy and clean work environment among a company’s facilities.

Skill required: Physical strength, dexterity and attention to detail

Pay for full-time positions: Average salary $32,000 per year

What if none of these jobs are for me?

You can learn more about jobs for highschool graduates if you look at our featured industries, or visit O*Net Online, a website sponsored by the U.S. Government’s Department of Labor that can help you discover jobs you may have never heard about before, and learn about the career path you’ll need to take to get hired.

Friday Services Helps Recent Grads Find the Right Fit

Once you find the type of job that’s a good fit for you, talk with the team at Friday Services. We’re here to help you connect with employers in western North Carolina.  

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2022 Job Trends

2022 Job Trends

The effects of the pandemic are still being felt in workplaces across every industry. With an estimated 44 percent of current employees either seeking a new job or planning to soon, the so-called Great Resignation has left employers across the country scrambling to find new hires to fill the needs within their organizations. Some job seekers are looking for higher pay as inflation continues to rise, while others seek more flexible schedules. Offering jobs that satisfy these requests gives employers a greater chance of attracting the best candidates. Whether the role is project management, manufacturing, food service or a construction project manager, understanding the hiring landscape is important.

2022 Job Trends 

Much like 2021, 2022 is proving to be another promising year for job seekers. As the country gets back on track, many employers are working hard to find qualified candidates for their newly created jobs, as well as fill existing positions that have been vacated. Knowing that the market is tilted in favor of job seekers, employers need to offer opportunities and benefits that will help their job openings stand out from the competition.

What You Should Know About the Job Market In 2022

While the height of the pandemic continues to fade further into the rearview mirror, its impact on the job market remains a very real thing. Add in the aging of the baby boomer generation who comprise a significant portion of the workforce, and it’s highly likely employers will continue to experience significant challenges in finding and retaining employees. Being aware of employee stress and burnout is also key to maintaining a happy, productive workforce. Certain industries, such as healthcare, are more prone to burnout and staying engaged with employees about their workload and stress levels can help address concerns before they become larger issues.

Population changes in different cities can also be a strong indicator of industry growth or stagnation. Population growth can lead to an increase in employment opportunities as the growing need for certain products and services causes employers to increase production or expand their hours of operation. Understanding population growth in the area or areas where you do business helps your company build and maintain your workforce.

Recruitment & Hiring Trends 

As job trends change, so do demands. It’s vital to keep up with recruitment and hiring trends in order to attract and retain the best talent. Assuming that doing things the way you’ve always done them can lead to the loss of existing employees or top candidates passing on an open position. It’s good practice to learn more about these trends, identify how they apply to your industry and implement new or updated policies that more closely align with them.

3 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2022 

Remote work

The pandemic led to more remote work being made available out of necessity as companies sought to remain productive at a time when gathering together wasn’t possible. The advent and growth of Google Meets, Zoom and other virtual meeting services helped connect coworkers as well as customers and assisted in project management when stakeholders can’t be in the same place. While offering remote work does have its challenges for companies, the reality is that even as COVID-related restrictions on travel and gatherings have eased, remote work is here to stay. Giving employees the flexibility to work remotely, on either a full-time basis or a hybrid model featuring some in-office hours, creates a more attractive work environment for job seekers and existing employees.

Fairness & Equity

Workers notice when other employees are treated differently and receive opportunities they don’t. Whether it’s the chance to work remotely, bonuses for new hires, moving to a location with a lower cost of living or other narrowly-targeted investments, employees notice when pay and benefits are not equitable across a company. It’s not always possible to do so in a completely equal manner, but being as equitable as possible makes a difference. 

No More Sitting On the Job

Sitting is viewed similarly to smoking in that it has been shown to have serious negative health impacts. As more employees work remotely and spend less time at a desk, the results on health and wellness have been mixed. Some workers have reported increased physical activity while working from home, leading to weight loss and better overall health. Others have gained weight and see it negatively impact their well-being. In response, many companies have adopted new communication plans, benefits, and technologies to support the physical movement of their remote employees to improve their health. Understanding the needs and challenges of employees whose jobs often include a lot of sitting and how to bring more movement into their roles goes a long way toward their job satisfaction.

Count On Friday Services

Friday Services is a valuable piece of the recruitment and hiring process, working with both job seekers and employers to identify and place the right candidates in the right roles with the right employers. We build relationships with both parties and this allows us to better match a job seeker with a role that fits their skills and lifestyle. Likewise, we’re able to connect companies with employees who fit their culture and have the abilities needed to succeed on the job site. Our decades of experience are a great example of how to start a staffing agency in North Carolina, grow and evolve it as times change and continue to provide the same high level of service to job seekers and employers on a daily basis.

Benefits of Hiring Through Job Services

Benefits of Hiring Through Job Services

Why Choose an Employment Agency?

Finding the right workers for open positions is more challenging now than it has ever been. With a high demand for skilled workers and a need to find the right fit for your organization, the stakes are high. Hiring someone who turns out not to fit your culture or who doesn’t stay long term has significant costs. Employment agencies are a strong option for finding top talent to fill open roles within your organization. They offer benefits for both employers and employees by matching qualified candidates with companies that need their skill set and experience.

Why do companies benefit from employment agencies?

Save time and money

Working with an employment agency provides a wealth of benefits for your organization. The two main benefits are saving money and saving time – two extremely valuable commodities for businesses of all sizes. Rather than having your own HR department spend significant time creating job postings, reviewing resumes and screening hundreds of even thousands of potential candidates, working with an employment agency simplifies the process for you.

The agency has a pool of existing candidates they have reviewed and developed a relationship with, allowing them to match candidates with potential employers who are a good fit. Instead of inviting a candidate in for an initial interview and hoping they’re what your company needs, an employment agency will present you with candidates they’ve already vetted. The end result? A more efficient, effective hiring process that leaves your team with more time to focus on other important tasks while finding candidates who are a strong fit for your organization.

Access a larger talent pool

How do you typically advertise job openings? Most likely, you post your job on multiple online job boards and hope that qualified candidates see your post. Partnering with an employment agency allows you to instantly connect with a larger pool of candidates that the agency has vetted and increases your chances of finding the right hire. 

Industry expertise

Good agencies typically have recruiters who specialize in certain industries. By regularly working with employers and job seekers in these specific industries, they gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in each industry. This allows them to understand what a company does, the roles for which it is hiring, what skills those roles require and what type of candidate is the best fit for the role. Imagine you’re a manufacturer who needs skilled assembly workers on the production line to install specialized components on a lawn mower, for example. A specialist recruiter who understands your industry, its products and the skill set an assembly worker needs will be better equipped to find candidates who can only only do the job, but do it at a high level.

How do companies hire through employment agencies?

Working with an employment agency to fill open positions is a multi-step process engineered to find the right candidate for the right role. Here’s how that process works:


To begin the hiring process, agencies gather information on the role, including its duties and responsibilities, as well as specific skills and qualifications the ideal candidate must have. Recruiters work to understand the position’s fit within the business and often ask for a detailed job description from the employer.

Searching and Identifying Qualified Candidates

The recruiter reviews their agency’s pool of available candidates and looks for job seekers whose experience and skill set match the job for which they are hiring. A good agency will have a wealth of candidates for a position and will review each candidate’s qualifications against the job description provided to them by the employer. By matching those two things, the recruiter is able to distinguish between multiple qualified candidates and identify those who are the best fit. For a good agency, the objective is to not just find a good fit for a role, but to find the best possible fit.


Once qualified candidates have been identified, a recruiter will then speak to each of them in an initial screening interview. Between 5-10 candidates are generally screened and an agency representative will explain the role in more detail. This is a chance to get a better feel for the candidate’s personality and how they might fit into the company for which they are interviewing.


The field of candidates is narrowed down following screening and the interview is the first chance for the employer to meet the candidate and discuss the position, their background and how they would fit into the position. When an agency does its job well, candidates who reach this stage of the process are qualified for the job, fit well with the company and its values and are viable options.

Making An Offer

Once a candidate has been qualified and chosen by the company, it’s time to make an offer. Recruiters use their negotiating skills to establish salary, bonuses, vacation and sick time, and other benefits. When the company and candidate have agreed on a deal, the process is nearly complete. All that remains is signing the necessary paperwork and onboarding your new employee!

Partner with Friday Services

Friday Services has decades of experience placing job seekers in the right roles with employers throughout Western North Carolina. Our knowledgeable staff works to place candidates in the administrative, manufacturing, professional and technical industries. We partner with employers and job seekers, building lasting relationships that help us ensure that when we place a candidate, they and their new employer are set up for a successful, productive future.

Using a recruitment agency has endless benefits. Contact Friday Staffing to recruit your team! >

Manufacturing Jobs & Responsibilities

Manufacturing Jobs & Responsibilities

Manufacturing Jobs & Responsibilities

A wide range of manufacturing and warehouse jobs are available in western North Carolina. Learn more about the different types of hands-on, labor-focused roles that are available in your area.

General Manufacturing Responsibilities

Some Manufacturing jobs are built on physical labor and working directly with raw materials, products in production and finished products. While the manufacturing process varies from levels.

Material Handler

Material handlers are responsible for the handling and transportation of raw materials used in the production of finished goods as well as shipping and receiving. Their work can involve the movement of materials from storage to a specific department or between different departments within a facility. Understanding and adhering to current health, safety, and environmental policies, as well as quality and control policies, are essential to the work of material handlers.

Machine Operator

Machine operators do a lot more than just firing up a piece of machinery and making it perform tasks. They’re responsible for setting up, monitoring and maintaining warehouse equipment. Additionally, they perform routine inspections of manufacturing equipment to ensure that it’s in good working condition for the next time they or one of their coworkers need to use it.


Receivers play a central role in the manufacturing process. A receiver collaborates with procurement staff to list expected deliveries, receive shipments and signs paperwork and  unload packages from incoming trucks. Their diligent review of incoming shipments helps ensure that the contents of packages are undamaged and that all of the necessary items are included.

Inventory Control 

In order to operate successfully, a business needs to know its supply levels for all of its materials, how quickly those materials are used and when each of them needs to be resupplied. By coordinating the logistics of purchase orders, deliveries, stock transfers, tagging and processing, inventory controllers ensure that coworkers in other departments have the supplies they need to successfully build and assemble finished products. Additionally, inventory controllers track inbound and outbound orders to prevent overstocking and out-of-stock items.

Other Manufacturing Jobs

There are many different types of assembly in manufacturing and the diversity of the industry requires a pool of jobs beyond the ones above – roles such as molding operator, electronic technicians, line pullers, paint line workers, and more. Each of these jobs are essential to the manufacturing process and allow workers to be part of a team that efficiently produces quality products. These physically demanding roles bring with them the feeling of satisfaction that comes with building or producing products people need and use every day.

Friday Services Opportunities

Friday Services works with companies of varying sizes across multiple industries, helping them find the right employees to fill open manufacturing or warehouse jobs within their organization. We connect job seekers with those companies, matching their skill sets with roles that are a good fit for them. By cultivating long-term relationships with job seekers, we get to know each worker, what they’re looking for in a job and their strengths. By applying that same approach to the employers with whom we work, we are able to match job seekers with opportunities that are right for them. 

Find yourself asking, “How can I find warehouse or manufacturing jobs near me?” Visit our Industrial and Manufacturing Jobs page to explore open positions and apply to manufacturing jobs in Asheville and other areas of western North Carolina.

Benefits of a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Benefits of a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Benefits of a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Job searching can be a difficult, frustrating process. Finding a job that fits your skills, needs and lifestyle is challenging and searching on your own can compound the frustration. Working with a staffing agency to find your next job has many benefits – including ones that may not immediately come to mind. Learn more about the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job and see how Friday Services can help you find the right role to propel your career.

Create a Long-Term Connection

Working with a staffing agency to find a job may seem like an impersonal, business-only process, but a good agency does more than just take your resume and add it to its database for future employment opportunities.

When you work with Friday Services, you’re working with a company that isn’t just here to find your next job. We partner with you long-term, so when you find yourself in need of a new role as your life grows and changes, we’re there for you. Our approach is built on a meaningful connection that includes keeping in touch with you and understanding where you’re at in your career. 

When the time comes to transition into a new career, working with a staffing agency to find a job functions best if you have an agency that stays up to date with where you’re at in your work life. 

Resume Help & Insider Insights

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I use a recruiting agency to find a job?”, consider the importance of a good resume to finding your next employment opportunity. Potential employers see your resume before they ever meet you and it often determine whether or not you move forward in the hiring process. Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors or insufficient information about your work experience can lead to you not being selected for an interview.

Our experienced recruiters and team members have a wealth of experience in reviewing resumes and helping job seekers fine tune their resume in order to maximize their chances of getting a job. Their tips and advice can help you tailor your resume to fit the type of employment opportunity you’re seeking.

Access to Multiple Employers & Jobs

When you apply to an individual job posting, you’re reaching one company at a time and in a competitive job market, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Even if you are qualified for a position, you may still be competing against dozens of other similarly qualified, experienced candidates. Using a staffing agency to find a job directly connects you with dozens of potential employers, maximizing your chances of finding meaningful employment. 

Companies know that the time and money spent on a hire that doesn’t work out is time and money wasted, so getting the hiring process right the first is extremely important. That’s why working with a trusted, respected company like Friday Services helps you as a job seeker – companies trust that if we recommend you as a good candidate for a job, they’re getting someone who will be a quality hire for their position.

Even if you aren’t selected for a job you apply for, our recruiters keep you in mind and can match your resume up with other openings that are a good fit for you. We’ve built strong relationships with a variety of employers throughout Western North Carolina over the past four-plus decades and those relationships allow us to match the hiring needs of those employers with job seekers searching for their next career opportunity.

Friday Services Benefits

Friday Services is an experienced job employment agency that truly cares about the job seekers we serve. We have a reputation for being the company to work with for hiring and job searching. Our dedication to making quality job placements is backed by skills improvement training and other great benefits offered to eligible employees. Find out why our employment agency #1 in Western North Carolina >

Jobs in Asheville, North Carolina

Jobs in Asheville, North Carolina

Jobs Available in Asheville, NC

Maybe you’re looking for your first job after college, or you’re a tenured veteran looking for something new. No matter where you’re at in your career, there are a ton of opportunities for job seekers in Western NC.

These markets have a need for talent across a range of positions and in-demand industries. If you’re ready to build or reimagine your career, explore these open positions offered by Friday Services in Asheville, Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden and surrounding areas.

Office Administration Jobs

If you love the fast-paced environment of office jobs and are ready to take on a new challenge, Friday Services offers great opportunities for you throughout Henderson and Buncombe Counties. Find Office Administration jobs that can serve as a launching point for your professional career or pin down your dream job – great local companies are seeking qualified candidates like you!


Assist attorneys with litigation.

See More


Be the first point of contact at a legal firm.

View all open administrative and office support jobs in Western NC currently offered by Friday Services to discover the best fit for your experience and skill set.

Manufacturing Jobs

When you’re looking for an active job that gives you the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, Friday Services offers access to many industrial and manufacturing jobs throughout Asheville, Hendersonville and more Western NC cities. Your hands could play an important role in manufacturing quality products, ensuring processes are efficient, meeting timelines, and more. Ready to be a part of the in-demand industry? Check out these local job openings. 

CNC Machinist

Fabricate all sorts of parts, tools, fixtures and gauges to name a few.

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Machine Operator

Operate all different types of machinery in both light industrial and manufacturing environments.

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View all open manufacturing jobs in Asheville, Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden and surrounding cities currently offered by Friday Services.

Professional Jobs

Put your experience and education to use – while allowing your passions to thrive. Apply to excellent job opportunities and you could start accomplishing your professional goals today! Friday Services offers many exciting career opportunities for professionals throughout Western NC.

Administrative Assistant

Put your administrative skills to work for great local employers.

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Project Manager

Keep projects running smoothly. 

View all open professional jobs in Asheville currently offered by Friday Services. 

Connect with Jobs Available in Asheville, NC

Friday Services recruits, trains and places talented people to work for businesses and industries in Western North Carolina. Our goal is to bring the right people to the right job – every time.

Contact us or search current job openings throughout Asheville, Arden, Fletcher, Mountain Home, Hendersonville, Morganton, Etowah, Flat Rock, Horse Shoe, Brevard Mills River, Brevard, Canton/Candler, Waynesville, Weaverville, Mars Hill, Clyde, Black Mountain, and Marion.

Clerk, Receptionist & Administrative Jobs

Clerk, Receptionist & Administrative Jobs

Clerk, Receptionist, & Administrative Jobs

Administrative & Office Careers

If you choose a career as an administrative assistant, receptionist or office clerk, it’s your responsibility to keep the office running smoothly. Office administrators play a critical role in companies of all sizes, ensuring effective organization, clear communication, and at times efficient project management. 

There are several important skills employers expect office administrator candidates to have:

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Organizational skills
  • Scheduling and planning ability 
  • Effective time management
  • Good verbal and written communication

If you’re interested in a career as an office administrator, you might be wondering what the day-to-day looks like for various types of jobs. The team at Friday Staffing can help you understand what you can expect in these rewarding careers and connect you with available positions. 

Office Clerk Duties

An office clerk is typically responsible for tasks that help to keep an office running smoothly. Duties and responsibilities vary based on the workplace or industry, but on any given day this job may include activities, such as:

  • Handle incoming/outgoing mail
  • Send memos and emails
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Organize office documentation
  • Monitor office inventory and order supplies
  • Create agendas and take meeting notes

Receptionist Duties

Receptionists are often the first point of contact with customers, either on the phone or when they visit an office. That’s why it’s critical for receptionists to have great communication and customer service skills. Typically, receptionists spend a great deal of time on the phone, answering and directing calls. But, they often take on other administrative responsibilities. Daily duties of a receptionist include tasks, such as:

  • Schedule meetings and appointments 
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Answer customer questions
  • Organize documentation
  • Direct visitors to various locations 
  • Distribute incoming/outgoing mail

Administrative Assistant Duties

Administrative Assistants serve management and executive teams with a variety of skills that keep businesses running efficiently. The complexity of the tasks required of an administrative assist can vary but typically include duties, such as:

  • Answer phones and greet visitors
  • Schedule meetings, appointments and maintain calendars
  • Distribute incoming/outgoing mail
  • Prepare documentation and reports
  • Write and edit various communications
  • Create and maintain organization systems
  • Manage or record account transactions 
  • Perform basic bookkeeping

Benefits of Working with Friday Staffing

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned office administrator, Friday Staffing can help you find a position that fits perfectly with your interests and skills. As a full-service employment agency, we’re dedicated to helping the businesses of the Western North Carolina region thrive, placing the right people to the right job – every time.

One way we accomplish our mission is to set our candidates up for success. Our team is ready with answers and helpful advice, including resources to help you land a position you’ll love

Apply Today

If you’re ready to take the next step toward a rewarding career, review open administrative positions and apply today!

What Are Warehouse Worker Jobs Like?

What Are Warehouse Worker Jobs Like?

Warehouse jobs are best suited for those who appreciate more physically demanding work versus a sedentary job. Occasionally it can be a serious workout depending on the job you are completing, with a lot of repetition, but seeing what you have accomplished and taking pride in a job well done – make it well-suited for many. You get the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people with varying skills. Plus, the work is steady, as there’s usually a demand for your skills. 

Job Description

If you think about it, warehouse workers play a vital role in moving goods of every kind around the country – food, raw materials, in home deliveries and finished goods of all types. Without warehouse workers, you may not have the materials you need from your supply chain or the cereal you enjoy for breakfast. 

Warehouse workers are responsible for receiving and processing incoming goods and outgoing items while maintaining a safe, clean workplace that complies with safety regulations. 

A warehouse worker’s duties may include:

  • Moving merchandise from inventory to shipping
  • Receiving goods and verifying order accuracy
  • Reporting lost, damaged, or missing merchandise 
  • Training new employees 
  • Packing and preparing orders for shipping
  • Counting and stocking merchandise 
  • Recycling of packing materials

Types of Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse workers work indoors and outdoors, and the environment is not always climate-controlled. There are many different types of jobs available at a warehouse depending on a company’s needs. You may pack boxes, account for merchandise, drive a forklift or use hand trucks and move goods from one area to another. Closely review a job posting to ensure a warehouse worker position fits your skill set.

Average Compensation

Hourly rates vary based on the employer, job type, experience level, location, and other factors. 

In Western NC, the average entry wage range is:

  • Stocker: $15 – $18
  • Warehouse packer: $15.50 – $18
  • Warehouse picker: $13 – $18
  • Warehouse clerk: $14.50 – $18.50
  • Material handler: $15.50 – $18.50
  • Machine operator:  $16 – $19

Education, Skills, Certifications Required


Entry-level warehouse jobs typically require a high school education or GED. Most warehouse workers learn a great deal through on-the-job training. Workers interested in management roles may also pursue advanced certifications related to logistics or learn from in-house management to prepare for a future supervisor role. 


Some of the key skills necessary for warehouse workers include:

  • Physical strength and proper lifting techniques to maneuver objects
  • Organizational ability and time-management
  • Computer systems knowledge
  • Understanding of safety protocols
  • Machinery operation


Entry-level positions don’t typically require certifications, but there are areas where you can specialize, depending on your responsibilities. One way or the other, the more skills you acquire over time, coupled with a hard work ethic, the better your chances for advancement into supervisory or management roles.

Opportunities for Career Growth

Entry-level jobs offer a gateway into ongoing advancement. As you learn how the business works, you may find opportunities to steer your career in various directions. The job market for warehouse workers is expected to grow for the foreseeable future around the country.

Friday Services

Contact us to learn more about available positions for warehouse workers in your area.

Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Hands-on Experience Matters: Get the Skills You Need Through the Friday Services Apprenticeship Program

You’re looking for a way to grow your mechanical skills so you can get that next level position, but you can’t find time or money to get yourself there. We’ve heard this story from so many students who wanted to learn and expand their skills to build meaningful careers. But, life’s responsibilities kept getting in the way.  

If this sounds like you, the Friday Services Apprenticeship Program is a great way to build an in-demand career while making the income you need. Apprentices work 4 days a week and get paid for 1 day in class.

Benefits of Apprenticeship: Get Paid to Build Your Skills

Friday Services Apprenticeship Program empowers more area workers to find career-track jobs in regional industries—all while earning a paycheck. Apprentices have gone on to work in Engineering, Management, Maintenance, Automation, Machining, and other manufacturing careers.

The program builds the advanced skills that today’s manufacturers are looking for, and the need to fill gaps in the workforce has never been greater. 

  • Higher Wages: Earn an average of $52,600/yr in our region’s manufacturing industry.
  • Hand-on Experience: Receive training on the job that builds an in-demand skill set.
  • Free Education: Earn a certification in Mechatronics Engineering Technology and be paid for your hours in class.
  • Guaranteed Job Offer: Complete the program, and you’re hired!

Partner with Blue Ridge Community College

Friday Services has partnered with leading local manufacturing companies in Buncombe and Henderson Counties to offer individuals a chance to work and gain hands-on experience. Participants earn a certificate at Blue Ridge Community College in Mechatronics Engineering Technology as an Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician.

Friday Services Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship is available to qualified workers, no matter where you are at in your career. Starting pay is $15 an hour with increases per semester. The program covers the costs of tuition and books. 

If you’re ready for a new direction, why not build a career you’ll love? 

Explore Friday Services Apprenticeship Program and apply today at:

Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips

Job Searching Tips During COVID-19

While many workers have been laid off or furloughed due to the pandemic, the good news is that more recently, there has been a hiring surge – a demand for qualified workers and a workforce shortage. If you’re currently in the market for a new job, start by addressing these questions:

  • Have you updated your online profile and resumé?
  • Are you researching companies that are currently hiring?
  • Are the positions you’re applying for a good match for your experience, education and skill set?
  • Does your resume demonstrate that you’re a great candidate based on the qualifications listed in the job posting?
  • Have you tailored your cover letter to express specific interest in the hiring company? And does it specifically expound on the value you’d add to the open position?

Now is the time to take a thoughtful look at what you have learned and accomplished since the last time you updated this information. Friday Services offers a clear overview of proven steps for finding a new and exciting next chapter in your professional life.

Be Open to Similar Jobs

We still live in a hiring environment where employment initiatives and timelines are constantly shifting and adjusting. Now is a good time to consider applying to jobs that match your skills, experience and qualifications, but may not exactly match your intended career track. Be willing to explore job opportunities that may leverage your education and skill set but may not have been your first choice. These positions may offer new experiences and help you acquire new skills that may, in turn, transfer into qualifications that can open doors for you down the road.

Take Temporary Jobs to Demonstrate Skills

No matter what career stage you find yourself in – temporary professional placements are also a great way to get your foot in the door and explore new career fields, jump on the fast track to a new job with free education and hands-on experience. Temporary positions can be a smart way to boost your skill set and experience on your resume – demonstrating to potential employers that you’ve got the chops, as a candidate, to take on their assignments. Taking on a temporary placement demonstrates that you are employable. They’re a great way for unemployed workers to get back to work and gain valuable experience and career-building skills and contacts.

It’s not unusual for companies to hire temporary staff to fill in for the holiday season, to cover for full-time employees’ family leave, maternity leave or vacations. Temporary jobs (temp jobs) offer you a short-term job with an employer – to fill in during periods of high customer demand or forecasted need.

Apply at Job Agency

Professional staffing agencies can assist you with resume writing, preparation for an interview, how to dress, and how to build your professional skills. With a recruiter’s professional experience, you can improve access to the quantity and the quality of available positions. 

Firms like Friday Services have a network in place to help match you to the type of positions you’re most interested in, and the kind of positions that can work to further your career. And job seekers who sign with a recruiting firm, like Friday Services, don’t pay any fees since these are covered by companies seeking the support of temporary staff.

Find Opportunities with Friday Services

It’s important to stay motivated and positive, and to continue applying for jobs. In the end, your efforts will pay off. We’re here to help introduce you to some exciting possibilities.

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At Friday Services, we’ve been helping talented people find the right job at the right companies since 1980. We make it our mission to share the newest, best practices and training to help make workers and employers more productive, competitive and successful. We excel at helping our staff find placements with organizations that appreciate their talent. Along the way we offer helpful training, professional resources and expert advice to bring out the best in your working experience – regardless of your position or the industry in which you work. 

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