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Friday Services offers long-term staffing solutions to employers in Western North Carolina. Our agency serves as a leading workforce supplier for local businesses of all sizes, from small offices to medium sized manufacturers to local plants operated by global industrial leaders. We serve a variety of business staffing needs including:

  • Technical Staffing
  • Professional Recruiting Services
  • Light Industrial Labor and Skilled Workforce Solutions
  • Clerical and Administrative Staffing Resources

As an independent, locally owned agency Friday Services is able to offer WNC employers more flexibility and attention to detail than nationally franchised employment agencies. Partnering with Friday Services is like having an extra Human Resources department at-hand.

Customized Service Plans From Friday Services

Friday Services offers custom-designed staffing plans designed with your workflow, business goals, and costs in mind.

  • We start the process of designing your custom plan by asking your team questions about your staffing needs and listening to the answers.
  • We will tour facilities in order to better understand your business process and company culture.
  • We find out who your ideal employee is so we can find candidates that match your needs not only in terms of skillset and levels of experience, but also cultural fit.

“Friday’s always works hard to find the perfect fit and have toured our facility many times to ensure they are sending us the right people.”

–A Manufacturing Client in Fletcher, North Carolina

Friday Services Saves NC Start Ups Time and Money

For small businesses and startups, flexibility means profitability. Friday Services can get you running effectively and efficiently. Ask us how our small business customized plan could work for you. Here is one example. A representative from local start-up told us they made the decision to partner with Friday Services as the exclusive supplier for their temporary staffing needs because:

Friday Services, Inc. has led the temporary service business community in performance, quality, simplicity, and foresight above all other service. Through regular brainstorming sessions, Friday’s office staff and our human resources group discuss ways to improve already exceptional services. Friday’s has become individually automated with us for time and attendance purposes, improved billing and accounting turnaround by a minimum of four weeks and maintains all controls so we do not have to worry about the details of managing a temporary workforce. After spending many hours discussing options available with other suppliers, Friday Services has shown us that being local and independent does have many flexible advantages.

-Employee Relations Representative

Friday Services Helps Local Manufacturers Contain Costs and Manage Workforces

The market can be uncertain. Friday Services is a reliable supplier of labor that changes according to your needs. We work with many area manufacturers whose labor needs change on a cyclical basis. When production ramps up, we’re there to serve your growing labor needs. We work hard to send you only the best people, so that when the production cycle slows down, your core labor force is a team of top performers. Here is a testimonial from one satisfied Friday Services client, who appreciates our efficiency and flexibility:

“Fridays has always been efficient and flexible in filling our need for temporary employees in all phases of our business, primarily in the manufacturing operations, but also in our materials warehouses, janitorial services, quality assurance labs/functions, as well as office and clerical personnel. Fridays has also provided 24/7 support, and to enhance their effectiveness and commitment, for the last several years we have maintained a dedicated on-site coordinator.”

WNC Automotive Manufacturer

The On-Site Coordinator program brings our full-service staffing agency service directly to you.

  • Open access to an experienced, accredited staffing professional.
  • Fast and efficient response to job orders.
  • Regular automatic reports for management, billing, details about employee performance and more.
  • Handling of all employee benefits, as well as payroll, legal, and safety requirements.
  • Timely and effective communication.
  • Quick resolution of employee issues.

Fletcher manufacturer recommends the Friday Team for contract labor needs

“During the past 8 years, Friday Services Service has been filling our contract labor needs with quality temporary workers in a timely and efficient manner. At times our contract labor force has exceeded over 90 workers. The Friday Team does a tremendous job to make sure they fill our contract labor orders to our company’s specific needs; including (our) specific safety orientation. They are friendly and personable, courteous and knowledgeable about the needs of our company and they make every effort to place workers that (we) can count on for long-term assignments.

The staff at Friday Services is willing to come to our manufacturing facility and tour prospective employees before they accept the position, perform on-site counseling, as needed, and are quick to take action as appropriate. Every time we have needed a staff member to be on-site, even with short notice, they have been able to accommodate our requests.”

Our Friday’s Report Card

As a true business partner, Friday performs a monthly self-audit in consideration of our agreement. This commitment assures we continue to stay on track. Your satisfaction is our priority.

To monitor our own performance, our Staffing Generalists call the contacts at all of our client companies on a regular, scheduled basis. We check in with the client to ask for feedback and to inquire about any changes. We do the same thing on the employee side. We make scheduled calls to each employee: first day, first week, first month, and then quarterly to ask, “tell me how you like working there. Is it fitting and meeting your expectations?”

Employee and client relationships are equally important to us, because we’ve found that the best working relationships are formed when both sides are satisfied by the match.

Call Friday Services to Inquire About a Business Package for Your Company

If you are searching for a new employment agency and want to learn more about our customized business packages, or to request a free evaluation, please contact us at 828-684-8700. We will be happy to provide you with a list of professional references and copies of letters of recommendation we’ve received from the valued clients that are quoted here.

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for your business.