Applying the Traits of a Leader to your Job Search

Jun 4, 2014

When you’re ready to find greener pastures, don’t just jump the fence. Apply these five leadership traits to your job search and secure the position that fits you best.

  1. Vision: Leaders have a vision. They know where they’re going, why they’re going, and how they’re going to get there. They don’t wait for action – they create it.

In your job search: Establish your personal vision. Determine where you want to go and what you want to be doing. Apply action.

Assess your strengths. Dissect everything. People often fail to recognize their gifts simply because the ability is so natural to them that it seems easy and inconsequential. Evaluate. Does your vision gel with your strengths? Many gifts and skills are useful in a variety of occupations, but which of these occupations fit your vision and your strengths?

Be honest about your weaknesses too. Trying to be someone else because a particular career sounds exciting or lucrative will ultimately bring your downfall. Utilizing your natural gifts and strengths while acknowledging your weaknesses, however, creates career satisfaction.

Set goals. Would you benefit from taking a class, which will enhance your skills and give you an edge in the job market? Does your resume need polish? Determine what actions are necessary and create a timetable.

  1. Connect: Effective leaders connect with people. They not only recognize their own strengths and abilities, they look for them in others, taking time to listen, gaining an understanding of individual personalities and philosophies.

In your job search: Network and connect with people. Create a LinkedIn profile. Post thoughtful, interesting and industry related articles.

Connect to potential companies. Go to their websites. Read everything about them including their mission statement, their history, and their blog. Talk to people who work for them or with them. Talk to their clients. Read news articles about them. Do they participate in civic or charitable activities? This knowledge will be an asset when you gain an interview with them.

  1. Communicate: Effective leaders communicate with confidence. They clearly express their desires and expect results.

In your job search: Learn to communicate your professional abilities, attitudes, and desires confidently and effectively.

Before you speak, communicate your confidence through your body language. Stand tall with shoulders back, smile, maintain eye contact, and deliver a firm handshake.

Listen – you can answer more effectively when you understand the question.

Know who you are, what you have accomplished, and prepare to be specific. When you win that interview, don’t just tell them you’re a team player who reacts calmly under pressure. Share true examples of when your actions united a team or when your calmness under pressure brought a successful conclusion. Share your achievements.

  1. Effective leaders maintain personal integrity: True integrity is a character trait that permeates every area of life. People respect and follow leaders who they trust.

In your job search: Be honest and open. Focus on your strong points, but do not lie about your weak areas.

Practice positive affirmation in all your relationships – what you do personally will flow into what you do professionally.

Use social media wisely – make it a professional power tool – not a circuit breaker.

  1. Effective leaders serve:  They use leadership and power legitimately, for the good of the people/company they serve.

In your job search: Seek positions that not only fit your vision, but also provide an opportunity to use your professional strengths while serving the company and increasing its long-term stability.

Convey an attitude of respect for professional peers and a willingness to do the necessary work. Maintain a commitment, not only to personal and professional growth, but also to the general good.

Vision, connection, communication, personal integrity, and service are the trademarks of a good leader. Developing these traits and applying them to your job search may not only increase your success in in obtaining the perfect position, but also may reap long-term career benefits. Contact the Friday Services. We will help you apply these traits in your job search and become a leader in your field.



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