Benefits of Hiring Through Job Services

Sep 8, 2022

Why Choose an Employment Agency?

Finding the right workers for open positions is more challenging now than it has ever been. With a high demand for skilled workers and a need to find the right fit for your organization, the stakes are high. Hiring someone who turns out not to fit your culture or who doesn’t stay long term has significant costs. Employment agencies are a strong option for finding top talent to fill open roles within your organization. They offer benefits for both employers and employees by matching qualified candidates with companies that need their skill set and experience.

Why do companies benefit from employment agencies?

Save time and money

Working with an employment agency provides a wealth of benefits for your organization. The two main benefits are saving money and saving time – two extremely valuable commodities for businesses of all sizes. Rather than having your own HR department spend significant time creating job postings, reviewing resumes and screening hundreds of even thousands of potential candidates, working with an employment agency simplifies the process for you.

The agency has a pool of existing candidates they have reviewed and developed a relationship with, allowing them to match candidates with potential employers who are a good fit. Instead of inviting a candidate in for an initial interview and hoping they’re what your company needs, an employment agency will present you with candidates they’ve already vetted. The end result? A more efficient, effective hiring process that leaves your team with more time to focus on other important tasks while finding candidates who are a strong fit for your organization.

Access a larger talent pool

How do you typically advertise job openings? Most likely, you post your job on multiple online job boards and hope that qualified candidates see your post. Partnering with an employment agency allows you to instantly connect with a larger pool of candidates that the agency has vetted and increases your chances of finding the right hire. 

Industry expertise

Good agencies typically have recruiters who specialize in certain industries. By regularly working with employers and job seekers in these specific industries, they gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in each industry. This allows them to understand what a company does, the roles for which it is hiring, what skills those roles require and what type of candidate is the best fit for the role. Imagine you’re a manufacturer who needs skilled assembly workers on the production line to install specialized components on a lawn mower, for example. A specialist recruiter who understands your industry, its products and the skill set an assembly worker needs will be better equipped to find candidates who can only only do the job, but do it at a high level.

How do companies hire through employment agencies?

Working with an employment agency to fill open positions is a multi-step process engineered to find the right candidate for the right role. Here’s how that process works:


To begin the hiring process, agencies gather information on the role, including its duties and responsibilities, as well as specific skills and qualifications the ideal candidate must have. Recruiters work to understand the position’s fit within the business and often ask for a detailed job description from the employer.

Searching and Identifying Qualified Candidates

The recruiter reviews their agency’s pool of available candidates and looks for job seekers whose experience and skill set match the job for which they are hiring. A good agency will have a wealth of candidates for a position and will review each candidate’s qualifications against the job description provided to them by the employer. By matching those two things, the recruiter is able to distinguish between multiple qualified candidates and identify those who are the best fit. For a good agency, the objective is to not just find a good fit for a role, but to find the best possible fit.


Once qualified candidates have been identified, a recruiter will then speak to each of them in an initial screening interview. Between 5-10 candidates are generally screened and an agency representative will explain the role in more detail. This is a chance to get a better feel for the candidate’s personality and how they might fit into the company for which they are interviewing.


The field of candidates is narrowed down following screening and the interview is the first chance for the employer to meet the candidate and discuss the position, their background and how they would fit into the position. When an agency does its job well, candidates who reach this stage of the process are qualified for the job, fit well with the company and its values and are viable options.

Making An Offer

Once a candidate has been qualified and chosen by the company, it’s time to make an offer. Recruiters use their negotiating skills to establish salary, bonuses, vacation and sick time, and other benefits. When the company and candidate have agreed on a deal, the process is nearly complete. All that remains is signing the necessary paperwork and onboarding your new employee!

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