Job Growth and Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Mar 30, 2023

Manufacturing Industry Trends

The manufacturing industry has continued to see growth coming out of the pandemic, but it’s also seen its share of challenges—supply chain issues and labor shortages, to name a few. Despite these issues, the manufacturing industry’s job outlook is shining bright these days. There’s plenty of opportunity moving forward for those who want to make a career in manufacturing. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the trends that are driving job growth in the industry.

The Continued Rise of Technology

As smart technologies and digital innovations continue to be a part of daily life, manufacturers are increasingly developing new products to meet consumer demand. Manufacturers are also implementing new technologies at their facilities, phasing out old equipment to expand capabilities and introducing new offerings to keep pace with the competition. With new products and manufacturing processes also comes the need for workforce growth. 

Sustainable Business Practices

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are top of mind for manufacturers as sustainable processes and carbon neutrality become essential. Now more than ever, manufacturers must meet certain sustainability requirements to even be considered for government and commercial contracts. For those working in manufacturing, this means they can expect employers to be better stewards of the environment, the workforce, and the broader community.

Workforce Development

Many manufacturers have had continued difficulty addressing the tight labor market and workforce turnover. With demand for manufactured goods continuing to grow, manufacturers are losing opportunities if they aren’t able to attract and retain talent. That’s why many manufacturers are carefully evaluating their processes to improve efficiency and better support the workforce with skill building and training. 


Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs

With consumer demand at an all-time high and plenty of job openings, it’s a great time to have a career in the manufacturing industry—whether you’re operating equipment, handling administrative tasks, or helping to ensure product quality. 

These are just a few benefits of working for manufacturers: 

Increased Job Security

Since there are more jobs available than there are workers to fill positions, people working in the manufacturing industry enjoy relative job security. Not only are employers working hard to improve job satisfaction and retain existing employees, but they’re also putting more effort into incentivizing new talent to join the team.    

Career Advancement

As manufacturers look to retain talent, they are increasingly investing in their workforce. That means workers can expect more opportunities for training to expand their skills and potentially take their careers in new, exciting directions. In some ways, it’s a “workers’ market” these days, and that means job seekers can expect serious benefits and incentives from employers. 

Technology Training

While some may assume technologies that automate processes mean fewer jobs, that’s not always the case. Technology doesn’t always remove the human element from the workplace. More often than not, it makes it easier, faster, and safer for people to do their jobs. That said, workers in manufacturing can expect that technology will improve their day-to-day experience while offering them the opportunity to learn new skills.


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