Five Tips to Help Job Seekers Speed Up the Hiring Process

Jan 15, 2019


Let’s face it, once you interview for a job, the worst feeling in the world is waiting to hear back.

It’s called the “waiting game”, and it is what every job seeker loves to hate. You can spend days, heck even weeks, wondering if you made a good impression, or if you said “like” or “um” one too many times.

In fact, a study found that the average time-to-hire for employers was around 38 days, according to the 2018 Recruiting Benchmark Report. This can seem like an eternity when you are looking for work!

And short of channeling your inner Flash and running to the future, it can seem like there is not much you can do but wait and twiddle your thumbs.

Regrettably, it is a given that you are at the mercy of the company and their hiring process. But do not fret because there ARE a few things you can do to speed that process along and help the employer come to a decision more quickly.


1. Ask about what is next

Before you even leave the interview room, make sure you ask about next steps. What does the timeline looks like moving forward? This not only shows that you are serious about the job, but it also forces the employer to think about what they may need from you. Bringing up next steps might even give you a chance to push the hiring process forward.


2. Follow up, follow up, follow up!

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make after an interview is forgetting to follow up. Nothing shows an employer how interested you are in the position, than a follow up note after an interview. Take a minute to thank the interviewer for their time and stress your interest in the position.

This is also a great time to mention anything you may have forgotten to say in your interview and emphasize your qualifications. But, remember to keep it short and concise, we do not need any essays being sent to interviewers.

You can send either a handwritten note, or a thank you email, which will help you to stay fresh in interviewer’s mind.


3. Have references ready to go!

Do not wait until the employer asks for references to make a list. Write down your list now and save it on your desktop! This way, when they ask for references, you have it ready to send and do not have to waste any extra time. If you have it read, you can even bring a copy to the interview with you in case they ask for it!

**TIP** Make sure that you really think about who you want as a professional reference. Do you want someone to speak highly of your work ethic? Do you want someone who can best illustrate your personality strengths? It is imperative to choose someone who best knows you professionally.


4. Keep searching, and let them know

While the employer is still vetting candidates, you will most likely still be searching for jobs. With that being said, it is important that you keep the companies informed on your job prospects as well. Let them know you are still on the hunt and if you have received any interest from, or if you have interviewed for, any other companies.

This could potentially expedite the process, by letting the employer know that you still are interested in the job, but that you are also in demand.


5. Find a recruiter or staffing agency

One thing that tends to get overlooked during the job search, is reaching out to a staffing or employment agency. There can be a stigma about asking for help but staffing agencies can be a valuable resource during your job hunt.

Since recruiters have direct contact with companies looking to hire, they can keep the hiring process moving swiftly for job seekers. They can also help spruce up your resume and cover letter, catering it to the specific job you are looking for.

These types of agencies are no longer just for temporary employment either, a lot are looking for part-time or full-time hires. Recruiters, especially like the ones at Friday Services, are passionate about finding employees jobs that fit their specific needs.

Just remember, while these tips can help you accelerate the hiring process, be aware that you are not too forward. Be persistent but respectful of the employer’s time.  And most importantly, good luck!


By: Brianna Ek 


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