Types of Tech Jobs

Apr 24, 2023

Technology is all around us thanks to the dedication of professionals who are working tirelessly to find new ways to improve life in the modern world. If you want to join their ranks but don’t know what career opportunities are available, this article is for you. We’ll explore some of the jobs available and what you can expect when you are working in the field.

Working in the Technology Industry

Technology is a fast-paced industry with many different sectors, including businesses that sell goods and services in electronic devices, software, artificial intelligence, and other information technologies. Industry professionals need to be able to adapt to innovations that often change life as we know it. If you are curious, hard-working, creative, detail-oriented, and driven, a job in technology may be perfect for you.

Benefits of Tech Industry Jobs

Tech industry jobs come with a variety of benefits and employers are working harder than ever to attract new talent. Here are a few to consider:

Work-Life Balance

Even before the pandemic, the tech industry was known to offer flexible work arrangements. Technology jobs don’t always follow a standard 9 am – 5 pm work schedule, which gives you a chance to build a workflow that best suits your personal life. You may be able to work remotely or sign up for different shifts that best accommodate your needs.

Growth Opportunities 

Since the technology industry is always changing as new technologies and trends develop, you always have the opportunity to discover something new. For those of you who enjoy learning and gaining new skills, tech industry jobs are anything but stagnant. As you become more skilled, you’ll find plenty of advancement opportunities since there are many high-level jobs available.

Compensation and Benefits

Tech industry jobs often pay more than many other industries, even for entry-level work. Plus, employers typically offer generous health plans and paid time off, along with other benefits like paid educational opportunities, stock options, gym memberships, and other perks.

In Demand Tech Careers

Although some positions don’t require a college degree, tech industry jobs generally require advanced education or certifications. These are a few positions to consider: 

Website Developer

A website developer creates websites and web-based applications using the latest computer languages like Javascript and Python. They also analyze audience needs to make sure the digital products they create are useful and accessible. Anytime you sign on to the internet, you are interacting with content created by web developers. 

Average base salary in North Carolina: $73,000

Software Engineer

Software engineers create and innovate programs used by companies to manage various tasks or actions—like word processing, accounting, and project management to name a few. Software programs run much of the world around us. Once the engineer understands the needs behind the software and associated requirements, they design a program that a developer then codes and tests. 

Average base salary in North Carolina: $100,000

IT Security Specialist

IT security specialists are the go-to resources for keeping data safe and secure against cyber attacks. Today’s workplace relies heavily on data of all kinds, but there are hackers and cyber criminals always waiting in the wings. IT security sits on the front line to ensure a company’s systems can ward off attacks to keep businesses moving forward.

Average base salary in North Carolina: $125,000

Database Administrator

As an essential part of the IT team, database administrators are responsible for making sure employees can access the data and applications they need to do their jobs. Database administrators create and organize data systems so that it is secure and accessible to authorized users.

Average base salary in North Carolina: $77,000

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