What to Know Before Relocating: Tips from Staffing Professionals

Aug 12, 2019

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It’s time- you are preparing to make the big move (a.k.a. relocating). Your home is being overtaken by those large brown boxes and rolls and rolls of packing tape. Things are chaotic. It looks like a twister hit inside your house and, despite your better judgement, there is a box fort the middle of your living room. (Admit it, even as adults, who can resist a box fort?!)

Before you know it, your car is packed to the brim with all your worldly possessions and you are ready to embark on your next adventure.

There are many factors to why someone relocates: family, expenses, change of pace, etc. Whatever it may be, it is important to do your research before you head out on your journey.

Whether you are thinking about relocating in the near future, or you have the car gassed up and ready to head on the road today, here are a few tips from our team of Certified Staffing Professionals on how to make the smoothest transitions possible to your new location:


Get To Know Your Environment

“Know your new environment before relocating, and get to know what is in the area and available to you.”

Shena Keller, Staffing Generalist


“Check out the town’s government website for comparisons on food, gas, living prices compared to where you currently live now. Join local Facebook groups to familiarize yourself with your neighbors and community events. Sign up for the Next-Door App – neighbors are very helpful on there!”

Caitlin McEvoy, Staffing Coordinator



Start Your Job Search Early

 “If you are planning on relocating, and have time, start your job search months in advance of your projected move. Also, be available to interview in person at your destination city prior to your move.”

Rick Guthrie, Professional Recruiter



Do Your Research

“Research the area you are relocating to. It is important to research things such as: cost of living, jobs available in your field, schools, neighborhoods, crime, weather, and activities to do.”

Wendy Whitaker, Executive Administrative Assistant



“Compare housing prices to pay rates for that area.”

Lisa Sargent, Manager of Finance and Accounting/Branch Manager



Rent First

 “Rent for a year before buying so you can figure out the lay of the land. Where you’re going to work. Where you’re going to play. If kids, school districts. Traffic.”

Mark Sternal, Professional Recruiter



Reach Out to Your Network

“Work your contacts. Ask around to friends/network to see if they know anyone personally who lives/works in the area you are moving to. If so, schedule a phone call with that person to see what opportunities could come of that.”

Kelsey Maxwell, Staffing Generalist



Make a Plan

“Have a set date for when you will be in the area, that way employers will have a timeline of when you could start. It gives some reassurance to everyone!”

Michelle Fann, Staffing Coordinator



“Give yourself enough time to unpack and get settled. You want to make sure you are ready for work and can relax at home after a long day.”

Brendan Warner, Staffing Coordinator


By: Brianna Ek


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