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Dec 6, 2023

Professional & Administrative Jobs: Differences, Responsibilities, & Industries

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The Difference In Professional & Administrative Jobs

As a career-driven person, at some point, you have had to determine what aspects of work you most excel at. Everyone brings different talents and skills to the table. However, if you are still deciding what profession is best suited for your aptitudes, you have come to the right place. Many high-level careers can be classified as one of two job types: professional or administrative jobs. These are incredibly vague terms to describe the intricacies and finer points of both types of careers, and there are exceptions to every rule. 

A professional career is usually specialized, and it accomplishes some specific task. In comparison, an administrative career keeps everything within an organization moving. 

A metaphor to describe the relationship between these two career types is that of a train. The professional is the engine that accomplishes tasks to pull the train (or enterprise) forward, but the administrative employees are the engineers who ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Professional & Administrative Job Responsibilities

Professional Jobs

Because professional careers generally are the producers of a business, they tend to require more specialized skills and training, but not always. Professional jobs include doctors, engineers, writers, designers, and other such titles. Extensive training and experience are often necessary for a professional career, but it tends to make their responsibilities singular. What they do, they do with little deviation. 

Administrative Jobs

An administrator is a significantly more dynamic role than that of a professional. An administrator is responsible for ensuring that an organization is functioning correctly. They generally handle issues of communication, bureaucracy, legalities, and efficiency. Without them, the professional will be unable to do their job adequately or potentially at all. 

Industries For Professional & Administrative Jobs 

Most industries require a functioning harmony between professionals and administrators. However, there are some organizations where both parties need to achieve a more complete symbiosis to reach their full potential.


Healthcare is a perfect example of an industry that relies heavily on professionals and administrators to accomplish its goals. When most people think of a hospital, they immediately think of doctors and nurses who provide essential care to patients. However, the administrators are the ones who keep the doors open and enable patients to receive their necessary treatments. Administrators can include:

  • The people who handle billing.
  • The receptionists.
  • The legal department.
  • Anyone else whose efforts keep processes moving.


Factories and manufacturing professions rely heavily on a good relationship between administrators and professionals. The professional tradespersons are involved in the process of creating products, and the administrators handle their distribution, billing and other responsibilities for customers. Both types of workers are essential for a healthy and thriving manufacturing enterprise. 


Sales firms are another excellent example of an industry that needs both professionals and administrators to have a successful business. The salespersons are the professionals whose work drives the business forward. Still, the administrators process the payments, ensure quality, and run the day-to-day tasks of the office, further setting the company up for success. 

Gain Professional & Administrative Experience With Friday Staffing

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