How to Get a Job

5 Steps to Finding & Thriving in a New Job

In addition to great advice on our blog, Friday Services offers this clear overview of proven steps for finding a new and exciting next chapter in your professional life.

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Step 1

Update Your Resume & Other Credentials

When was the last time you updated your resume, LinkedIn account and other credentials? Take a quiet, thoughtful look at what you have learned and accomplished since the last time you updated this information. Keeping your resume updated with new skills and positions helps shows potential employers your qualifications for a position.


What's New?

What new responsibilities have you taken – and what new, positive results should be added to your story?


What's Old?

This is a good time to say goodbye to some older information. It may be dated or irrelevant to where you want to land next.


Be Concise.

Be sure the writing is tight, active, action-oriented and uses few words to create maximum impact.

Step 2

Make a Plan

Turning your dream job into a reality requires a plan with several steps. While you may be lucky and land a great job right away, it is more likely that your job hunt will be long term with ups and downs. To keep you motivated, focused and on track, make a plan to:


Set Goals.

Write down details of the type of job, company, salary, hours – even location that may include a different commute or relocation.

Set a Schedule

Make timetables to help you complete updating your credentials, reach out to professionals, companies and recruiters and more.

Respond Fast.

Prepare your credentials, letters and references in advance so that when an opportunity arises, you can answer promptly.

Step 3

Prepare for Interviews

Interviewing with a specific company? Do your research. Explore the far corners of its website – including its press releases and news coverage.



A company’s website is a great resource to understand what the company produces, who the company hires and how they fit into their industry and community.


Trade / Business / News Pubs.

Be sure to also look at trade and news publications and websites to see a larger view of the industry where you seek a job. Learn what challenges the industry faces. Who is the competition – and why?


Practice, practice, practice.

Do mock interviews. Be ready for the tough questions – and have some questions of your own. Know your resume – and be prepared to tell interviewers how you can help them grow and succeed.

Step 4

How to Join a New Team

Through it all – trial and error, failure and success – you ace the interview, receive and accept an offer, and now it’s time to become a valuable member of your new team.

Start smart.

You will be eager to make a good impression. The best way to do this is to listen to and learn from what the interviewer has to say about the position & company. Discover the processes that your company has in place.


Know your team.

Learn about who your new colleagues are – their skills, strengths, projects and accomplishments, even their passions outside of work like clubs, sports and family. This is a great way to build trust – when you show an interest without overdoing it.


Realistic Expectations.

You may be excited, filled with enthusiasm and grand ideas. You can grow into that later. Be sure you understand what is expected of you in the initial weeks, months and the first year. Focus on accomplishing your tasks and be sure to address all issues as they come along.

Step 5

Let Friday Services Help You Achieve Steps 1-4

Since 1980, we have been helping talented people find the right job at the right company who appreciates their talent. Along the way we offer training and advice to bring out the best in you – regardless of your position or the industry you work.

Friday Services has helped create thousands of success stories. Maybe your next job will be one of them!


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