Applying for an Office Job? Never Make Thus Resume Mistake

Mar 2, 2015

Did the typo in the title of this blog catch your attention? A mistake on your resume is just as likely to be noticed by an employer or recruiter. If you are applying for an office position, that typo probably means you won’t be considered for the job. At Friday Services, we have decades of experience hiring candidates for office jobs throughout Western North Carolina. To help you increase your chances of getting hired in a clerical job, we’ll offer some expert resume advice to help you avoid this mistake—as well as a few others.

1. Always ask another person to edit your resume before you send it out.

Everyone makes mistakes, but failing to have someone edit your resume before giving it to an employer shows carelessness. Punctuation and spelling errors are red flags to recruiters. If you are applying for a detail oriented clerical job, such as an administrative assistant position, a typo on your resume means you will definitely not be getting a call back.

2. Adjust each resume to be specific to the job you are applying for.

Don’t send the same resume to everyone. Target your resume to the needs of each individual employer. Read the description of the job you are applying for carefully. Note the keywords that are are used in the job title and the list of required skills and experiences. A hiring manager will be looking for those keywords to find the exact person they want to hire. A specific resume is always much more impressive than a generic one. If the job posting is for a bookkeeper position that requires “advanced proficiency with Quickbooks and Excel,” then your resume should list examples of your experience with those specific programs.

3.  Your objective statement should be tailored to the needs of the employer.

Employers may review hundreds of resumes when hiring for one position. Catch the recruiter’s attention with a stand out objective statement. In a sentence or two, show employers that your skills and experience match the requirements of the position. Don’t just say that hiring you would benefit the company. Tell them how!

Example: Seeking a Customer Service Representative position that will enable me to deliver outstanding client experiences using my strong communication skills and ability to work well with people.

4. The contact information on your resume must be up to date.

Office jobs require excellent communication skills and attention to detail. One out of date phone number or email on your resume can wreck your chances of getting a job. You would be surprised to hear how many times we call back a job applicant only to find the phone number on the resume is wrong or no longer in service.

5. Don’t make jokes or put irrelevant information on your resume.

Don’t put irrelevant statements such as, “married for 12 years,” “skilled Xbox gamer,” or “proud parent of three cats” on your resume. Unrelated information about your personal life can be distracting and create an impression that you are not serious about the job.

6. Keep a list of every company you send a resume to.

Keep a detailed list of every single employer you submit a resume to. “Who is this?” is not the response you want to give to a hiring manager who calls to offer you a job interview.  If you are applying for several jobs at once, create a spreadsheet that lists all the jobs you have applied to.  Including the name of the employer, the job title, the date you applied, and the names of anyone you have spoken to about the job.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

At Friday Services, our mission is to bring the right person to the right job every time. We offer job seekers resume writing tips and other resources to help you be your best, so you can get the right job when it comes along. If have already prepared your resume and are ready to begin searching for the right position, take a look at the clerical jobs we are hiring for today or apply online.


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