A Working Dad’s Story

Jun 15, 2017

At Friday Services, one of the things we’re proudest of is that we help people get good jobs so that they can help support their families. This Father’s Day—Sunday, June 18—we want to celebrate the fathers who work hard every day to provide for their children. We know that balancing work and family can be very challenging. Because our staffing agency offers jobs with many different types of shifts we are often able to help working fathers find jobs that not only fit their professional skills and goals, but also offer the schedules they need to help care for their children.

One of the fathers we helped find the right job, Vlad Stepanov, shared with us how he balances work and home life, and how his early morning schedule fits his lifestyle and family’s schedule.

A Flexible Schedule

Vlad was hired a little over a month ago as a production supervisor at an outdoor and military gear in Fletcher. He and his wife Nadya have been married for five years and have two daughters: Rachel (3 years) and Emma (5 months). Nadya works part time at Mission Hospital (1:30–10 p.m.), but Vlad says his schedule (6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) work out perfectly for his family. “I have to get up each morning right before 5 a.m. My work hours are 6 a.m to 2:30 p.m. For me, that works great because I have half a day off to spend with my family.”

Vlad and Nadya had to find a babysitter for when their schedules overlapped. “The babysitting window is only two hours because my wife works second shift and I get home pretty early. Since she’s only working part-time, we get many half days together as a family.”

Considering himself to be pretty flexible, Vlad enjoys waking up before everyone else. “That’s when I usually have my cup of coffee and read a book or something. I wouldn’t say that I’m an early bird on weekends, as I am up around 8 or 9 a.m, but for the last ten years, my jobs required that I start early, so I got used to it.”

Carving Time for Adventure

At Friday Services, we always encourage our staff to schedule quality time with their loved ones. Vlad believes strongly in balancing professional and home life. As for advice for other dads in the workplace, he shares, “We must work and provide for our families, but we must also find time to spend time with them. Some dads work too much and have very little free time at home. Find time to be with your kids.”

Sharing your interests with your children can be a fun and rewarding experience. Vlad says, “It’s good to have a hobby so that you get out and do things together with your children. Being home all the time can be tiresome for kids. I like to get out and mountain bike, and will take my daughters out with me as well when they learn to ride a bicycle.”

Living in Asheville since 2003, Vlad enjoys exploring all there is to do, especially with his family. “When my wife is home in the evening, we as family get out and enjoy the city. Summer evenings are great and we enjoy a relaxed stroll through the park.”

Find a New Job Today!

If you’re a dad looking for a flexible employment solution, Check out all of our available job posts, contact us with any questions, or come by one of our three locations and talk with us. We wish everyone a happy Father’s Day!


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