Work Relationships

Jun 20, 2014

Building healthy relationships at work is an essential key to career success. Of course, some people find relating to others an easy and vital part of whom they are, but even the shy and reserved personality can develop mutually beneficial relationships on the job. Working is always more pleasant in a congenial atmosphere, so taking time to apply these principles will help anyone’s career.


Nobody can be friends with everyone at work, but they can be pleasant and professional in their interactions. A simple smile, a friendly hello, can set the tone for the whole day. Make eye contact and learn use names – it makes people feel like you value them.

Be kind to new employees. Be warm and welcoming. Be willing to do a little extra until they get their feet wet.

Use common courtesy. Please and thank you are still winners.

Stay on the same level – treat everyone the same – extending consistent friendliness, regardless of rank, is always the best policy.

Be a likeable person – if you could meet yourself, would you enjoy working with you?

Respect your co-worker’s time. This can be evident in a variety of ways.

  • Don’t leave messes at mutual workstations, in the lunchroom, etc. they are busy with their own agenda and shouldn’t have to clean up after you before they can do their work, eat, etc.
  • Don’t hover nearby by when they are connecting with someone else in their work area or are on the phone. Whether you stopped by on a work issue or just to chat, if they are connecting with someone else, come back later.
  • Do your part well and on time so they aren’t delayed in completing their part.

Avoid negativity.

  • Don’t gripe about work at work.
  • Absolutely avoid gossip – don’t be part of sharing it – don’t even listen to it. It will always come back to haunt you.

Take responsibility. If you made a mistake or totally blew it, don’t waste time pointing out where others went wrong. Focus on your part. Practice saying, “I take full responsibility.” If you are in a situation where you clearly chose the right path and someone else is wrong, you don’t need to take the blame, but neither should you berate. Be as kind as possible when pointing out another’s error.

Pay attention to how various coworkers prefer their communication and respond in kind. Regardless of how you communicate, follow basic communication guidelines.

  • Stick to the topic,
  • Be clear and concise,
  • Communicate when, where, and how – especially with work related topics
  • Be aware of nonverbal communication – voice tone, volume, expression, and body language can change an entire relationship.

Great work relationships don’t just happen – they take effort

  • Share yourself – this will be harder for some than it will for others, but essential to building relationships
  • Show interest in others. Start conversations by asking questions, listening to the answers, and responding.

The Boss

A good employee-manager relationship is crucial to your career – and your well-being. When managers and employees develop relationships based on trust and respect,  productivity and morale are almost certain to improve.

Communicate regularly with your boss

  • Discuss expectations and goal setting.
  • Confirm that you understand which tasks and responsibilities your manager considers priorities.
  • Discuss problems in the beginning stages when there is still time to easily correct the problem
  • Also let them know when something has gone extremely well.

Do your job – that’s why they pay you

  • Meet your deadlines – it’s one the fastest ways to build trust.
  • Arrive at meetings promptly and prepared.
  • Be proactive – don’t wait to be told what to do, look for what needs done. Be creative and innovative – focusing on solutions, rather than the problems.
  • Deal with the issues at hand, but keep your eye on and support the big picture.
  • Be a team player – someone your boss can count on to get along and work with the rest of the team.

Take time to get to know your boss.

  • Be friendly and interested in his/her family, hobbies, pet projects.
  • At the same time, pay attention to subtle signals – don’t invade personal space.
  • Remember he/she is a person with real life issues – bad days and well as good ones.

These aren’t new ideas – what has always worked well with both coworkers and the boss – still does. The key is not finding new ways to get along – it’s consistently applying these time-tested principles. Contact Friday Services we encourage relationships – with our candidates and our clients.



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