Warehouse Job Titles and Descriptions

Mar 14, 2016

Manufacturers, distribution centers, and shipping companies are three types of businesses that hire workers for jobs in warehouses in Western North Carolina. Positions in a warehouse range from entry level general laborer positions to jobs for skilled professionals that require training and experience. Because there are so many types of careers available in warehouses, we thought it might be helpful for job seekers to have a guide. So the Friday Services team has put one together for you! This blog will give you good information on the types of jobs that are available in local warehouses, as well the kinds of skills and experience you will need to qualify.

You are smart to start working towards starting or advancing a career in warehousing now. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics employment projections are that demands for warehouse workers are growing. Several types of warehouse jobs have been classified as Bright Outlook jobs because US employers are expected to add thousands of new warehouse jobs over the next few years, including hundreds of new warehouse jobs right here in North Carolina.

Warehouse Job Titles

  • General Laborer
  • Forklift Driver/Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Shipping and Receiving Associate
  • Shipping Specialist
  • Loader
  • Merchandise Pickup/Receiving Associate
  • Receiver
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Stock Clerk (Stocker)
  • Warehouse Clerk

What Does a Warehouse Worker Do?

Warehouse workers use hand tools and motorized equipment, such as forklifts, to move manufactured goods and materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles. The job duties required of a warehouse worker will vary based on the employer and the position. In general warehouse work includes receiving and processing new shipments of stock and raw materials, and storing and distributing stock and materials. Some warehouse jobs require picking and filling or packing and shipping orders.

Common Warehouse Job Requirements

Though the specific job duties will vary, there are a few skills that are common to all jobs that may be available in a warehouse setting. Here are a few:

  • Communication skills (must be able to understand all written and verbal work orders and instructions)
  • Organizational skills (must be able to keep track of inventory and keep work area clean)
  • Reliability and dependability (must work all shifts and arrive on time)
  • Ability to follow all safety rules
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the job (standing, lifting, pushing, pulling…etc.)
  • Work history should demonstrate safety, efficiency, flexibility, and willingness to learn

Below you will find job descriptions of three specific warehouse position titles offered in Western North Carolina.

Material Handler

A Material Handler moves pallets of materials to production lines and finished products to warehouse racks with hand trucks or motorized equipment, such as counterbalance forklifts, sit down forklifts, stand up forklifts, cherry-pickers, and clamp and reach forklifts. Must also know how to use industrial lift trucks, pallet jacks, and other material handling tools and equipment. Here are a few essential requirements and job duties found in many Material Handler job descriptions:

  • Previous forklift experience or training certification
  • Basic reading and math skills
  • Apply labels to containers
  • Set up and load filling machines
  • Stack and palletize products.
  • Skills using automatic and manual packaging machines, scales, and printing devices
  • Mechanical aptitude

Shipping and Receiving Associate

A Shipping and Receiving Associate may be responsible for processing inbound and outbound shipments, loading or unloading pallets, pulling and preparing orders, and maintaining and organizing shipping, receiving, and storage areas.

  • Receive and sequence pulling orders
  • Pull ordered material from appropriate bins
  • Pack shipping containers or boxes
  • Inspect material for quality
  • Count inventory
  • Track orders and document work  

Warehouse Specialist Job Description

A Warehouse Specialist is a seasoned professional who is experienced in all areas of warehouse work, from shipping and receiving job titles, to inventory control, order picking, and others. Must be certified in driving and operating many different types of motorized warehouse equipment.

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