Tips for Interviewers

Jul 27, 2021

Understanding the ins and outs of a solid interview is a vital human resources skill when it comes to hiring most qualified job candidates. Good interviewing skills also make a better candidate experience – giving them a better feeling about the open position and your company culture. Perfecting your interview skills will help assure you find the perfect fit for the position you are filling.

Have an Outlined Interview Structure

There’s an art to handling interviews, but there’s also a bit of science too – starting with planning and structuring the experience.

  • Be sure to do your homework review the applicants resume and LinkedIn profile. Underline areas of interest and make notes in the margin.
  • Before you get started, it’s a good idea to make your candidates aware of your interview agenda. This can help them focus on your expectations as well as your timeframe.
  • Start by giving an overview of your company, workplace culture and the specific job duties. Then, begin with your list of job-related questions.
  • Next, give your candidate a chance to ask questions. Be prepared to take some notes.

Ask Questions based on Job Tasks

Create a list of questions that relate to job responsibilities with the open position.

Here are a few general questions to get you started:

Why did you decide to work in this industry?
Why did you decide to apply for this job specifically?
What do you like most about your current position?
Why are you leaving your current job?
Tell me about a recent job role you had that is similar to this position.
What were your daily job responsibilities?
What specific experience do you have that is directly related to this position?

Behavioral questions are a great way to learn about candidate’s potential to fit for your open position. Ask for specific examples of past performance and behavior in their current and previous roles.

Here are a few examples:

Tell me about a project you successfully completed.
Tell me about a challenge or conflict you had and how you handled it.

Silence and Non-verbal Cues are Key

Subtle non-verbal like voice tone, pitch and even long pauses or quick responses can reveal a lot about a candidate. In fact, Nonverbal cues can sometimes be even more important than what they say.  

Pay attention to the following:

  • Is their voice tone too loud or too soft?
  • Is the pitch of their voice unusually high (possibly nervous)?
  • Is there enthusiasm in their voice?
  • Do they cut you off when you’re speaking?

What kind of non-verbal cues do you notice when you ask difficult questions?

  • Do they take too long to answer?
  • Do they take long enough to be thoughtful and reflective?
  • Do they stammer and go off on tangents?

Too Busy for Interviews? Trying to Find the Perfect Fit?

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