The ‘One-Stop Career Shop’

Nov 30, 2021

So many people think of a staffing agency as a place to find temporary work, but that’s only a small part of what Friday Services does.


Because we’re not here to just find warm bodies to fill open positions. 

We’re in the people business. We help people find work, with people and the type of careers they want and have the skills to work.

How do we do it? We take the time with each job-seeker to understand all of their job skills, experience, needs and interests. 

It’s an approach that flips the script on the stigma that all staffing agencies do is place a warm body in temp jobs, with limited career potential. While that may be true of others, Friday Services prides itself on being a “one-stop career shop” for employers and job-seekers alike. We even changed our name from Friday Staffing to Friday Services to better reflect all that we do.

Setting the record straight

Some of the common misconceptions people have about temporary staffing agencies include:

  • They ONLY place entry-level or unskilled workers.
  • The jobs don’t lead people to long-term or permanent jobs.
  • They charge job-seekers for their services.

At Friday Services, these misconceptions are all FALSE. 

Our company is a resource for making the connection between employers looking to hire, with job-seekers who want to be placed in a career – whether they are at the entry level, or have many years of job experience under their belt. Most of the time with good work performance and attendance these employees are hired on directly by the company. Friday Services is career-oriented, going beyond a typical staffing agency to find the right fit for the company and the potential employee. And we never charge job-seekers for helping them land a new job; rather, employers pay US to find them good employees.

Just as focused on the long term

While yes, we can help job-seekers find temporary work, so many employers here in Western North Carolina are looking to the long term, and we specialize in placement opportunities for all levels of experience in a broad range of roles and industries.

Some of those industries include:

  • Technical Staffing
  • Professional Recruiting Services – These roles are hired from day one by the employer.
  • Light Industrial Labor and Skilled Workforce Solutions
  • Clerical and Administrative Staffing Resources

As a professional employment agency, we are able to connect employers with highly skilled job-seekers who are ready and excited to work, and who bring a diversity of experience and talent to their teams.

Programs designed to launch careers

Friday Services is the first employment agency in the region and only 2nd in the state to offer an apprenticeship program that allows apprentice workers the opportunity to get paid while they learn a new career hands-on. 

Through a partnership with Blue Ridge Community College and area manufacturers, we are able to offer apprenticeships to area workers who receive valuable education while working on the job. Starting pay is $15 an hour, which increases over the time worked. The cost of tuition and books are covered by the program as well.

At the end of the program, the apprentice worker earns a Mechatronics Engineering Technology Certification as an Industrial Manufacturing Production Technician, and gains a foothold on a high-tech career. Learn more here:

Additionally, Friday Services recognizes that veterans are some of the most highly skilled, hardworking employees. Because of this, we offer a wealth of resources to assist area veterans in finding a better job, such as:

  • Free Resume Help
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Placement for Veterans

We encourage any veteran who is currently seeking employment to stop by our office or apply for a job with Friday Services.

It all starts here

Whether you are a local employer looking for just the right person to join your team, or you’re a worker looking for that next step – or that first step – in your career, Friday Services is here to help you.

While the majority of our jobs are full time jobs that often start as temporary but go to permanent, we work with several employers who are looking to immediately fill positions directly on their team through our professional placement services. 

Our premium recruitment program is a fee-based placement service that employers typically use to fill management or highly-skilled positions. Unlike temporary work, the employee is never on Friday Services’ payroll. Instead, the employee works with us to become a direct hire for a desired company from the start.

Other clients hire us to create custom recruitment packages, tailoring our services to their company’s recruiting needs.

Many area job seekers start their journey with our job board. There, job candidates seeking employment in technical, industrial, clerical/administrative and skilled labor, management and other fields, all thanks to our longtime partnerships with local employers. There are hundreds of listings for jobs, from Hendersonville to Morganton, and from Asheville to Black Mountain – all over Western North Carolina.

See for yourself, here:


If you see a lot of potential in yourself – so do we! Start your job search and learn about the opportunities and benefits offered.


Friday Services is independent and locally owned. We offer Western North Carolina employers strategic flexibility with greater attention to detail.