Real Stories of Manufacturing Careers: The Assembly Job

Jan 17, 2017

Have you been considering a new career in manufacturing, but are worried that a lack of industrial work experience will keep you from being hired? Keep reading!

At Friday Services, we’ve found that an entry-level assembly job is a great way for someone new to the industry to gain skills and experience in the field. Using tools, machines, and their hands, assemblers put together finished products alone or as part of a line. It’s an important role that requires focused attention and a strong sense of responsibility.

From Foodservice to Manufacturing

Last year on our Friday Services blog, we compiled a helpful outline of duties, skills, and qualifications for an assembler position to give you a full overview of the job’s many aspects. In this post, we wanted to bring you a story of one of our wonderful employees who discovered a career in manufacturing.

In September 2015, through Friday Services, Hendersonville resident Jonathan Camp was hired in a temp position with an automotive manufacturing company in Fletcher. For many years prior, he held various positions in the foodservice industry, such as cooking and serving. In February 2016, Jonathan was placed in a permanent placement with the Fletcher company. Four months later, he was offered a position as setter.

“Now I make almost twice as much as I made just a year and a half ago, with awesome benefits,” says Jonathan. “The difference this has made in my life cannot be overstated. It’s the first time I’ve felt like I have a career instead of a job. I enjoy the work because, not only are my coworkers just down-to-earth good people, but the work itself is good honest hard work that is fulfilling in many ways. I feel like I’m actually making a contribution.”

A Setter’s Responsibilities

As a line setter, it is Jonathan’s responsibility to keep the line running. He says, “I fix any trouble or problems I can in the various stations on the line. I perform quality assurance tests parts to insure they meet company standards. The fact that my crew and I are responsible for the safety of every person who uses our brake system is a point of pride.”

Jonathan decides when and how to change from one product to another and it’s not always an easy task. “But I get a good feeling when I take a challenge and succeed in that situation.”

He says his overall responsibility is to safely run his line “in the green.” By this phrase, he is referring to hitting a target number of parts for the night. “For my line, this is about 1,900 parts. My line can run about four parts a minute.” If for any reason the line shuts down, that loses the number of parts made. He shares, “It can be tough sometimes, but easy isn’t fun!” Jonathan trains other employees and loves encouraging them as they get the hang of it.

Gratitude for Time Spent with Dad

Jonathan can trace his aptitude for mechanics and working with his hands to time spent in the garage with his dad growing up. When his parents bought Jonathan his first car, his dad taught him how to diagnose and fix any problems that occurred. It’s a skill he is very grateful to have. “Looking back some of those times working with him will be some of the best memories of my dad. He was my friend, but first and foremost he was my teacher. I’ve learned more of what it means to be self-sufficient and self-reliant from him than anyone else in my life.”

Now retired as a quality control chemist in manufacturing, Jonathan’s father restores classic British sportscars as a hobby. “He is one of the smartest men I know,” shares Jonathan. “So to follow in manufacturing is not something I’d ever thought I would do, but now that I’m here I love it and I’m proud of it.”

Seeking a New Career?

“If I had any advice to people thinking of getting into the manufacturing field, or just anyone who is unhappy with their current job situation, I would say just work hard, never get discouraged because the work is difficult. What seems difficult and painful your first couple weeks will make you a stronger person in the long run. And in a few months, the muscles build. You learn the tricks of the trade … Just stick with it and take it seriously. It’s an incredible opportunity.”

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