Manufacturing Jobs & Responsibilities

Sep 8, 2022

Manufacturing Jobs & Responsibilities

A wide range of manufacturing and warehouse jobs are available in western North Carolina. Learn more about the different types of hands-on, labor-focused roles that are available in your area.

General Manufacturing Responsibilities

Some Manufacturing jobs are built on physical labor and working directly with raw materials, products in production and finished products. While the manufacturing process varies from levels.

Material Handler

Material handlers are responsible for the handling and transportation of raw materials used in the production of finished goods as well as shipping and receiving. Their work can involve the movement of materials from storage to a specific department or between different departments within a facility. Understanding and adhering to current health, safety, and environmental policies, as well as quality and control policies, are essential to the work of material handlers.

Machine Operator

Machine operators do a lot more than just firing up a piece of machinery and making it perform tasks. They’re responsible for setting up, monitoring and maintaining warehouse equipment. Additionally, they perform routine inspections of manufacturing equipment to ensure that it’s in good working condition for the next time they or one of their coworkers need to use it.


Receivers play a central role in the manufacturing process. A receiver collaborates with procurement staff to list expected deliveries, receive shipments and signs paperwork and  unload packages from incoming trucks. Their diligent review of incoming shipments helps ensure that the contents of packages are undamaged and that all of the necessary items are included.

Inventory Control 

In order to operate successfully, a business needs to know its supply levels for all of its materials, how quickly those materials are used and when each of them needs to be resupplied. By coordinating the logistics of purchase orders, deliveries, stock transfers, tagging and processing, inventory controllers ensure that coworkers in other departments have the supplies they need to successfully build and assemble finished products. Additionally, inventory controllers track inbound and outbound orders to prevent overstocking and out-of-stock items.

Other Manufacturing Jobs

There are many different types of assembly in manufacturing and the diversity of the industry requires a pool of jobs beyond the ones above – roles such as molding operator, electronic technicians, line pullers, paint line workers, and more. Each of these jobs are essential to the manufacturing process and allow workers to be part of a team that efficiently produces quality products. These physically demanding roles bring with them the feeling of satisfaction that comes with building or producing products people need and use every day.

Friday Services Opportunities

Friday Services works with companies of varying sizes across multiple industries, helping them find the right employees to fill open manufacturing or warehouse jobs within their organization. We connect job seekers with those companies, matching their skill sets with roles that are a good fit for them. By cultivating long-term relationships with job seekers, we get to know each worker, what they’re looking for in a job and their strengths. By applying that same approach to the employers with whom we work, we are able to match job seekers with opportunities that are right for them. 

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