Jobs in The Manufacturing Industry

Oct 14, 2022

What Types of Manufacturing Jobs Are Available? 

The world of manufacturing is vast and involves the making of goods we use each day. If you think about it, companies manufacture everything we use in our daily lives all around us—clothes, food, household items, cars, and more. All of these companies need people to help bring these products to market. That’s why there’s a diverse range of jobs available in manufacturing. 

If you’re a hands-on person with skills and experience, you can make a lifelong career in manufacturing with rewarding opportunities to advance over time. 

Types of Manufacturing Jobs

There are many critical roles in a manufacturing facility. Here are a few of the types of manufacturing jobs available at a production plant.


An assembler is someone who puts things together. They may operate machines and equipment as a part of the process. This is a job that typically requires you to work at a fast and accurate pace. An assembler’s job is physically demanding, and you may have to be able to move and lift heavy objects. 

Educational requirements: Highschool diploma or GED

Average Salary in North Carolina: $16.86 / hour

Machine Operator

A machine operator or machinist has skills in operating heavy machinery. They are responsible for the set-up, testing, and maintenance of machines, and many specialize in certain types of equipment. These jobs are physically demanding and require great attention to detail to ensure safety. A machine operator needs to work effectively with a team to complete tasks, so having good communication skills is critical.

Educational requirements: Highschool diploma or GED

Average Salary in North Carolina: $17.30 / hour

CNC Machinist

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinists draw on their knowledge of math and computers to operate heavy machinery. They take raw materials and transform them into tools, parts, and components that meet the desired specifications. CNC machinists set up and operate machinery, as well as inspect it for safety. They track a product through each stage of production, and quality control is critical. That’s why this job requires attention to detail. It also requires having the physical ability to lift and move heavy objects as needed. 

Educational requirements: Highschool diploma or GED

Average Salary in North Carolina: $24.08 / hour

Electronic Technician

An electronics technician is responsible for designing, producing, testing, and repairing electronics parts, systems, and equipment. They draw on knowledge and experience with electronics, engineering, math, and physics. They usually work with the direct supervision of electrical engineers. This is a physical job that requires attention to detail, good communication skills, and the ability to collaborate to safely and effectively produce end products.

Educational requirements: Associates degree

Average Salary in North Carolina: $24.19 / hour

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