How to Get a Summer Job

Apr 26, 2016

Even though it feels like spring just got here, summer is on its way and local employers are already looking for students to hire for their summer positions. Now is the time to apply for summer employment. Every year Friday Services hires students for summer positions in Western North Carolina. Right now we are actively seeking students to fill 40 summer jobs, ranging from light to medium manufacturing jobs to clerical positions.

For graduating high school seniors, college students coming home for the break, or anyone who is 18 years or older and looking for employment during the coming summer season–here are a few tips our experts have put together to help you secure a good summer job.

Don’t wait. Apply NOW.

We are already conducting interviews for summer jobs. Employers want good workers lined up for their summer positions so they can begin working as soon as school is out. Go ahead and apply online now and let us know that you are available.
If you don’t have a resume prepared, this is not a problem. Our online application will document all of your relevant work history, skills, and references. Once we review your application, one of our Staffing Experts will have a conversation with you about your interests and career goals to match you with the right summer job for you.

Line Up Your References

While you are still in school, go ahead and think which of your school counselors, professors, or coaches, or any other mentor that you could put down as a reference on your summer job application. Make a point to ask those people if you may put them down as a reference and find out their preferred means of contact. If at all possible, always avoid putting family members down as work references on a job application.

If you do not have any previous work experience, it is especially critical for you to make sure you have several mentors who are happy to vouch for your good character and work ethic.

Make a List of your Skills and Accomplishments

Gather together a list of every job you have ever done, including the dates you worked. This includes any work study jobs. Document the name of your supervisor and find out a phone number or email address where they can be reached. If you have never had a job of any kind before, compile a list of relevant volunteering work or any experience that demonstrates you have a strong work ethic.

Know Your Availability

We’ll need to know your full availability before placing you in any summer job. Look at the academic calendar and take note of the first date you’ll be available to begin your summer job, and then the last date you can work before you must return to school for the fall semester.

Have a Goal in Mind

What are your eventual career goals? Even if you don’t need the money, summer jobs can be a very important first step down the path to your chosen career. Summer employment gives young workers the opportunity to build skills and resume experience that can help them stand out from the rest of the applicants when applying for jobs in the future.

In addition to summer positions Friday Services also offers long term temporary positions and temp to hire positions. If you know of anyone who is looking for a job now, whether it is for a summer job or a career changing employment opportunity, please have them apply online today. If you have any questions please contact us. We are always happy to help!


If you see a lot of potential in yourself – so do we! Start your job search and learn about the opportunities and benefits offered.


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