How to Get a Job in Manufacturing

Aug 5, 2016

Jobs in manufacturing pay well and offer opportunities for career growth. If you are looking to start a great new career in production, Friday Services can help! We are an experienced industrial staffing service that knows the Western North Carolina job market. We’ve built relationships with major manufacturing employers throughout our region. When you register as a member of the Friday Services team, we can help you get the experience you need to make a job change, while offering professional guidance and support along the way. Fill out our online job application today to start the process as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about some of the steps you can take to begin or advance your career in manufacturing today.

Research Manufacturing Careers

There are many career pathways in manufacturing. Which one will be right for you? Think about the kind of work you enjoy doing most, and which of your talents you would like to use in your job. Once you have decided what you are looking for in a manufacturing career, do some research to discover industrial job titles that fit your interests. Read manufacturing job descriptions and pay attention to the skills and experience that employers are looking for. You can find a full list of our available jobs here.
Another helpful website you can use as a research tool is O*Net Online. They offer a list of Manufacturing Job Titles you can use to find different types of production careers. Dig a little deeper on the site to learn about the types of skills, abilities, training, and experience you will need in order to be successful in those positions.

Get Manufacturing Job Experience.

In manufacturing, job experience will give you an edge over other people when you apply for jobs. If you don’t have any industrial job experience on your resume, you may still qualify for a position that does not require previous experience, such as an entry level General Laborer job.  

Sign Up For Career Training

Community colleges located throughout Western North Carolina offer occupational training programs that teach the skills you will need to succeed in a manufacturing career. Earning a training certificate, associate’s degree, or diploma is a smart way to put yourself on the pathway to getting a great job in manufacturing. From forklift safety and operation to the fundamentals of machining to a full course of training in CNC skills, several options are out there for you to choose from.

Build an Industrial Resume.

As you gain manufacturing work experience and training, make sure to keep track of all the details for your resume. A strong industrial resume should include detailed information about your production job experience, including a list of all your job titles and job duties, with specific details about your accomplishments. For instance, if you had a job as a Machine Operator working on a production line, you can include details about the number of units you were responsible for producing. These statistics can prove to employers that you are productive and efficient.  
Also, make sure to include details about your safety track record on your industrial resume. Manufacturing employers are looking to hire worker who are safety conscious, and it is very appealing to them when they find a candidate who can demonstrate a strong track record of safe job performance.  
Have you won any awards from past employers? If you’ve been recognized for perfect attendance, safety, high levels of productivity, or outstanding job performance–make sure to include that on your resume.

Come Work With Us.

Join the Friday Services team! We can help you find the right manufacturing job. Once you are registered with us, our staffing professionals will begin working to place you in a manufacturing job that will help you work towards your future career goals. Working with Friday Services will allow you to explore your manufacturing career options, while learning valuable new job skills. Once you are placed in a position, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with local industrial employers. That can possibly lead to a permanent job offer, or other opportunities in the future. Let us know if you have any questions. Contact Friday Services at one of our convenient locations in Western North Carolina, Arden, Hendersonville, or Morganton.


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