How Friday Staffing Works With Employers

Jan 5, 2024

What Friday Staffing Can Do For Employers

Many aspects of running a business require constant attention and supervision. Tasks such as hiring, onboarding, and structural organization keep the wheels in motion for your company. However, despite how necessary such work is, it is likely only part of your job description. Friday Staffing asks, why take time out of your busy schedule to handle a task when other organizations solely devote themselves to performing these and similar tasks? Friday Staffing is a professional & staffing agency that recruits, trains, and places talented people to work for businesses and industries in Western North Carolina. Learn how Friday Staffing can help your company grow, optimize your time, and provide quality staffing solutions. 

Assist in Finding Qualified Candidates

If you want to expand your company, it is not enough to bring in more people. You need to ensure that those you bring in are applicants who are capable of performing the tasks that you require of them. Part of the service that Friday Staffing offers is the screening of all potential candidates for the position. Screening ensures they meet all expectations and allows you to focus on other, more relevant tasks. All we need from you is a breakdown of what you are looking for, such as any specialized tasks and your budget constraints. 

Forge Relationships with Your Business and Friday Staffing

When you bring on Friday Staffing, we join your team. Our staffing solutions help lift the burden of specific responsibilities so you can focus on your primary responsibilities. The more we work with you, the more a relationship will naturally develop. The more we get to know you, the better job we can do in ensuring that those we bring into your corporate family are the right fit for your culture and their assigned work. 

Optimize Human Resources

Human Resources goes hand in hand with staffing solutions. By utilizing the HR experts at Friday Staffing, you are making one of the best strategic choices for your company. 

A few critical staffing solutions Friday Staffing can perform for your company’s hiring process are drug screenings, skills assessments, background checks, and thoroughly checking references and work history. 

Handle Onboarding

After building a relationship with the client, we begin to understand their values, mission, ethics, and the quality of their work. As a result, we incorporate all we learn into each client’s smooth and efficient onboarding process.

We will communicate your organization’s relevant requirements, expectations, and policies to each employee before their start day. We store every relevant document in our system for posterity and better access. These documents contain new employee checklists, parking information, driving directions, required PPE equipment, safety checklists, vehicle information, and badge information.  

Clarify Your Reporting Options

At Friday Staffing, clear and consistent communication is the key to any relationship, especially a professional one. We provide communicative services to ensure our clients are always in the loop. Depending on your preference, we share these updates daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. 

These reports contain information about the length of assignments, employee performance, turnover, workplace safety, time to fill orders, and other relevant professional data.

Organize Company Policy Documents

Understanding and clarity are essential for any employee/employer relationship. That is why we take great care to be sure that each employee reviews all company policy documents before beginning their duties. These documents include policies such as harassment, hazardous materials, and attendance. 

After reviewing these documents, the new hire must sign a form ensuring they have received them. They will have access online to these documents so they can refer to them at their leisure.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Friday Staffing Services

A business has many moving parts, and tracking them all is difficult. Instead of trying, delegate some of your essential tasks to trained professionals specializing in staffing solutions, leaving you time to take care of your other responsibilities. Reach out to Friday Staffing today to learn how we can help you take your hiring process to the next level.



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