Friday Services is Hiring a Director of First Impressions

Nov 30, 2016

Did you know that you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression? At Friday Services, we believe in the importance of making a great first impression, especially when applying for a job. A smile, eye contact, and friendly demeanor can go a long way in showing someone that you’d make a great addition to their team.

Friday Services is currently hiring for the position of Director of First Impressions (DOFI) at our Asheville office. People in this role are crucial to ensuring smooth operations in our front office. The DOFI is the first person to greet a potential employee when dropping by one of our three locations or coming in for an interview.

Responsibilities of the Director of First Impressions

Responsibilities for this job include providing exemplary customer service, ensuring completion of paperwork and testing by potential employees, and pairing open positions with candidates, among other duties. An ideal candidate can remain professional and organized in a fast-paced environment, possesses excellent communication and organizational skills, and loves working with others.

nadine-pictureNadine Nietupski is a DOFI with Friday Services in Asheville. She offered some insight on how the DOFI can help others find a new job that fits their skillsets: “The Director of First Impressions is able to review a potential employee’s previous work history and skills and match it with a position that best suits them. Since the Director of First Impressions is often able to meet the potential employee face to face, it is a goal to take their personal interests/hobbies and integrate that into the jobs we find for them.”

For example, an individual who spends their free time fixing cars would likely enjoy working at a company that manufactures car parts. If a potential employee is mechanically inclined, for instance, the DOFI can suggest that the individual be placed within a company as a machine operator. She adds, “When an employee is happy at their job, there is a greater chance of them succeeding and getting hired on permanently with the company.”

Nadine says that, while reviewing an application and determining placement, Directors of First Impressions often look for work longevity (which often indicates motivation and reliability) and a flexible schedule (which leads to more options). When meeting a potential employee, they seek someone who is friendly, respectful, and kind.

DOFI Help Others Find Happiness in the Workplace

One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a member of the Friday’s team is following the successful journeys of employees. David I. is a former Friday’s employee who accepted a position in machining at an automotive plant. He had great attendance, worked very hard, and treated everyone around him with respect. In less than two months, he was hired on permanently with the company and is very excited about his new career. Nadine says, “He is just one example of how quickly an employee can move up within a company if they possess the qualities it takes to succeed. We seek out these qualities and add in the employee’s skill set to find a job placement they can thrive in.”

Linda S. is another employee of Friday Services who currently works as a Machine Operator at a manufacturing company. “She has said numerous times how much she loves her job and how she could not be any happier with her job placement,” says Nadine. “When we are able to pair up an employee with a company they love working for, it only increases the chances of success for all parties involved.”

Looking for a Job Through Friday Services?

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