Engaging and Retaining Top Quality Candidates.

May 14, 2014

With 2014 being called the Year of the Employee, HR departments must set new benchmarks for engaging and retaining their best employees. Most highly qualified, top-rated employees rate their job satisfaction on more than financial rewards. They want a company culture that includes:

  • A work environment that encourages a positive relationships with both management and coworkers.
  • Flexible work hours and work locations.
  • Appropriate training and tools.
  • Personal recognition.
  • A sense of being valued and appreciated. 

Incorporate these steps and create a work environment conducive to employee engagement and ultimately retention.

  • Treat your employees as partners in the big picture.
  1. Define and share your vision.
  2. Explain strategies and identify their role in the big picture.
  3. Request their input and use their ideas.
  4. Create teams that draw on a variety of expertise and talent across your company.
  5. When you give them responsibility, give them the necessary authority to make decisions pertinent to their position. Allow them the freedom to complete the work in their style as long as they are meeting company standards within appropriate time brackets. 
  • Communicate with your employees.
  1. Open communication and responsive listening helps facilitate a positive culture, which in turn benefits everyone.
  2. Ensure that everyone receives timely information and understands the information they receive.
  3. Communicate often and follow up on emails, memos etc.
  4. Provide prompt feedback. Commendations for good performance inspire even greater acts. And if there’s an issue, dealing with it early on allows time for change and lessens negative repercussions. 
  • Provide ongoing training and education.
  1. Always be open to learning new things and promoting education for all employees.
  2. Consider putting more resources into career development and training.
  3. Reward participation in webinars.
  4. Cover a percentage of the cost of continuing education.
  5. Bring in experts for training sessions when appropriate. 
  • Create a Productive Work Environment.
  1. Involve your employees in the planning and decision-making – having a vested interest in the project empowers and motivate employees, leading to new and more productive ways of working.
  2. Provide the necessary tools, equipment, and technology to get the job done right, done well, and done on time.
  3. Regularly set time aside for team-building exercises and make them fun so your employees actually look forward to participating.
  4. Consider flexible office hours. Some employees function best coming in early and leaving early. Others like to take their leisure in the morning, coming in later, but staying later also. 
  • Motivate with perks and incentive programs.
  1. Offer financial incentives for superior performance, and goals reached.
  2. Show your appreciation for successfully completed projects with extra PTO, office celebrations, gift cards, etc.
  3. Reward with non-financial benefits too –for example, technology has made work-from-home options a viable benefit for some employees. 

Following these steps and implementing changes accordingly, will enhance your company’s culture, attracting and retaining top quality employees. Need help getting started? Contact Friday Services. We will help you find the best matches for your changing and growing company.





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