Celebrate Labor Day With Friday Services

Sep 8, 2015

Happy Labor Day, everyone! At Friday Services, we celebrate American workers all year round. Our daily mission is to help people achieve success in their working lives. We are proud to serve employees in our region by helping job seekers find good jobs. In observance of Labor Day, on Monday, September 7th Friday Services’s office will be closed. To give thanks for all of our hard working registered employees, every Labor Day we offer a paid holiday to all eligible full time workers who have been with Friday Services for over a year. Whether you are participating in a parade, or throwing a barbecue, or working on this day, take time to appreciate all of the things that have been accomplished by American Workers over the past century.

The History of Labor Day

The United States Department of Labor details the full history of Labor Day on their website. During the late 19th Century, working conditions for laborers were often unsafe and unsanitary. Unions formed to rally for better treatment and safety protections for workers. Though modern day parades now involve floats and marching bands, on September 5, 1882 the first Labor Day parade occurred when 10,000 workers marched in protest across New York City, from City Hall to Union Square.

Within the next decade following that march, labor leaders in states across our nation began advocating for a “workingmen’s holiday,” Some credit Peter J. McGuire, cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, while others give that title to Matthew Maguire, a Machinist who was secretary of the Central Labor Union. On June 28th, 1894, Congress passed the act that made Labor Day a legal holiday all across the United States. Ever since, Americans have spent the first Monday in September celebrating the positive contributions workers make every day. Today we honor American workers past and present.

Great Job Opportunities Available This Labor Day

Right here in western North Carolina we’ve seen the positive impact that finding a good job can have on a person’s life, and on the lives their family members. We’ve seen the manufacturing sector continue to grow in our region, and along with the growth of great job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labor. If you are searching for a new or better job on this Labor Day holiday, let us help. Right now at Friday Services we’ve got great job opportunities for Material HandlersForklift DriversAssemblersMachine Operators and more. Search all of the job opportunities listed on our website or go ahead and submit our online job application. After celebrating the actual day of Labor Day with our families we will be excited to return to the office and get back to celebrating the way we usually do, by connecting workers with great job opportunities.


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