Benefits of a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Sep 8, 2022

Benefits of a Job Through a Staffing Agency

Job searching can be a difficult, frustrating process. Finding a job that fits your skills, needs and lifestyle is challenging and searching on your own can compound the frustration. Working with a staffing agency to find your next job has many benefits – including ones that may not immediately come to mind. Learn more about the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job and see how Friday Services can help you find the right role to propel your career.

Create a Long-Term Connection

Working with a staffing agency to find a job may seem like an impersonal, business-only process, but a good agency does more than just take your resume and add it to its database for future employment opportunities.

When you work with Friday Services, you’re working with a company that isn’t just here to find your next job. We partner with you long-term, so when you find yourself in need of a new role as your life grows and changes, we’re there for you. Our approach is built on a meaningful connection that includes keeping in touch with you and understanding where you’re at in your career. 

When the time comes to transition into a new career, working with a staffing agency to find a job functions best if you have an agency that stays up to date with where you’re at in your work life. 

Resume Help & Insider Insights

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I use a recruiting agency to find a job?”, consider the importance of a good resume to finding your next employment opportunity. Potential employers see your resume before they ever meet you and it often determine whether or not you move forward in the hiring process. Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors or insufficient information about your work experience can lead to you not being selected for an interview.

Our experienced recruiters and team members have a wealth of experience in reviewing resumes and helping job seekers fine tune their resume in order to maximize their chances of getting a job. Their tips and advice can help you tailor your resume to fit the type of employment opportunity you’re seeking.

Access to Multiple Employers & Jobs

When you apply to an individual job posting, you’re reaching one company at a time and in a competitive job market, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. Even if you are qualified for a position, you may still be competing against dozens of other similarly qualified, experienced candidates. Using a staffing agency to find a job directly connects you with dozens of potential employers, maximizing your chances of finding meaningful employment. 

Companies know that the time and money spent on a hire that doesn’t work out is time and money wasted, so getting the hiring process right the first is extremely important. That’s why working with a trusted, respected company like Friday Services helps you as a job seeker – companies trust that if we recommend you as a good candidate for a job, they’re getting someone who will be a quality hire for their position.

Even if you aren’t selected for a job you apply for, our recruiters keep you in mind and can match your resume up with other openings that are a good fit for you. We’ve built strong relationships with a variety of employers throughout Western North Carolina over the past four-plus decades and those relationships allow us to match the hiring needs of those employers with job seekers searching for their next career opportunity.

Friday Services Benefits

Friday Services is an experienced job employment agency that truly cares about the job seekers we serve. We have a reputation for being the company to work with for hiring and job searching. Our dedication to making quality job placements is backed by skills improvement training and other great benefits offered to eligible employees. Find out why our employment agency #1 in Western North Carolina >


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