Behind the Scenes at Friday’s: 5 Things Every Applicant Should Know

Oct 11, 2017

Getting a new job should be easy. At Friday Services, we want to help remove any obstacles that can come between qualified applicants and a perfect new position. Our team of Staffing Generalists, Directors of First Impressions, Staffing Coordinators, and Recruiters is committed to always placing the right person in the right job. How we accomplish this goal may be a bit of a mystery to you. We want to shine a light on the process and help demystify how our team works with both applicants and client businesses to match people with positions that will utilize their skill sets and meet their professional goals.

1. Arriving on time for your appointment shows good time management skills.

Tardiness—it happens. Sometimes we hit a traffic jam or our car won’t start. Unforeseen events beyond our control can make us late for a meeting now and again. But arriving on time to a job interview is super important because it’s unclear whether it’s a fluke or a pattern. It’s worth it to add some extra time when estimating your commute. Arriving early has never been a bad thing. Play it safe: Make sure you have the number handy in case you have to call and give your interviewer a heads up that you’re running late.

Candis Watterson, Director of First Impressions, says, “We are the gateway to a potential job, so if they can show us they can be on time for their appointments at Friday’s (or communicate when they are unable to make it in), that goes a long way.”

2. Come prepared with at least two references.

“We do call references,” says Staffing Generalist Wendy Whitaker. As part of your application process, we will contact at least two of the references you provided. Not sure who to ask? We wrote a blog post about who to list as a reference. The key? Choose people who can convey your skills and positive attitude. A good reference goes a long way.

It always helps to leave your latest job on a good note as we will call to verify past employment. For each job you’ve held over the past seven years, be prepared to share with us information such as employers’ names, job duties, contact phone numbers, and start/end dates. Director of First Impressions Jo Bivens says we call these references “to try to get information on the type of employee they were. If they were reliable, a hard worker, had good attendance, etc.”

3. The Director of First Impressions may ask several questions to ensure a good match.

We are on a mission to place people in a range of industries, from industrial and manufacturing to clerical and administrative, with a range of experience levels, beginning at entry level. When applicants arrive with an open mind on what kind of schedule or job they are looking for, we want to ask a series of questions to help hone in on what might work best. “During the interview, asking what they liked about the past job is always helpful,” says Director of First Impressions Britney Auton.

4. Arriving without direct deposit information and forms of ID creates more time between the applicant and their first day of work.

Friday Services pays on a weekly basis via direct deposit. By bringing in your direct deposit information and requested forms of ID, the process can go smoother. “These items help them get processed day-of,” says Staffing Generalist Kelsey Maxwell. If you forget these important things, it may delay your starting date. Not sure what to bring? We have answers!

“Being prepared matters!” says Staffing Generalist Wendy Whitaker, “I am always impressed when someone has an application that’s completely filled out (addresses, dates, and phone numbers), has a great resume that doesn’t need to be corrected, and provides IDs and copies of certificates/diploma as requested.”

5. Your interview starts the moment you step in the door—and even earlier.

Every time you’ve contacted Friday Services is like a mini-interview—whether it’s over email or by phone. Remember to be friendly, upbeat, and professional. How you interact with Friday’s gives us a helpful glimpse on how you may conduct yourself on the job.

Please treat each interview with equal importance and come by yourself. “Children or other adults are not allowed to come to an applicant’s interview at a potential company,” says Jo.

It never hurts to be over prepared. Employers are looking for specific things in a job interview: attention, no phone use, and appropriate dress, among others. We outlined a list of them here.

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