Advances in Staffing Agency Software: Benefits for Employers

Jun 9, 2015

As a locally owned and operated employment agency that has been serving Western North Carolina employers for 35 years, Friday Services offers our clients valuable knowledge about our regional workforce. Our experienced team knows how to recruit and match the right workers with the right jobs. We also use advanced computer software that allows us to offer a streamlined, paperless process that makes it easier for us to share information with our clients (customized reports are automatically emailed to clients) while reducing costs.

Friday Services shows our clients that partnering with a local staffing agency does not mean sacrificing technological innovation. Two of our vendors recently recognized the innovative ways we are using their computer software to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively. Here are two stories that show how we are using technology to provide better service to our clients, better communication with registered workers, and build stronger relationships with clients and employees alike.

Personalized Staffing Services Powered by TempWorks

Jill Arldt, a Vice President and Manager of IT at Friday Services, was recently quoted in the online article Friday Services Boosts Customer Satisfaction With TempWorks Software. TempWorks is the customizable staffing software we use to serve our clients. Our staffing firm provides recruiting and workforce solutions to employers of all sizes, from a wide variety of industries: from manufacturers to professional offices. TempWorks software allows us to streamline our processes, and set automatic reminders that help us stay on top of the unique needs of each client. Investing in this type of software, said Jill, “helps us strengthen relationships and build partnerships” with our clients.

We also use TempWorks software to help us function as an auxiliary Human Resources department for our clients. Not only do we handle the recruitment and vetting of candidates, but we also handle all of the documentation and data tracking that must take place during the course of an employee’s work assignment. Since Friday Services began using TempWorks, our systems are set up to seamlessly capture and store information such as onboarding documentation and assessments, and report on data that employers need for budgeting or forecasting future needs. Jill told TempWorks:

“We’ve been able to provide reports to clients they were not able to pull from their own systems — several of our clients have said this to us directly…All of our client orientation paperwork and result reporting is done in DocCenter, evaluations are emailed to supervisors, and information is reported to the client via an automated report. This allows us to track performance appraisals for clients with ease.”

Transparency is one characteristic that sets Friday Services apart. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure that employees have the information they need to make sure they are set up for success. We use TempWorks software to help us share documentation with clients and staff in real-time. The requirements, the expectations, the policies of each employer are clearly communicated to employees before they begin. Onboarding documents are stored in our system. Once employees have signed documents to acknowledge that they received and read them, they are stored in our system electronically. Employees can access their documents online without having to keep track of paperwork.

A Custom Designed Time Tracking App from AppSheet

The software developer AppSheet recently recognized Jill for the innovative way she used their software to serve a Friday Services client. In the article Customer Stories: Jill Arldt with Friday Services Jill talks about how she used AppSheet to develop a custom application to keep track of the employees’ time and other vital information during an outdoor festival we provided staffing services for. During the festival we needed an efficient, reliable, cloud- based system for documenting hours worked by over 120 employees who served on a variety of shifts.

The app that Jill created made it easier, not only to document hours, but also to supervise and handle personnel issues. Her custom designed app allowed us to monitor whether or not employees had clocked in, and even helped us to call absentee employees directly from the app. This allowed us to simplify the management of this event, while saving time and money for the client.

Jill recently said of AppSheet, “I’m really excited about what these apps can do to eliminate wasted time and money!” Jill, and the rest of the Friday Services team, serves all of our clients with that same level of enthusiasm. If you have questions about our staffing services, please contact us.


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