2022 Job Trends

Sep 8, 2022

The effects of the pandemic are still being felt in workplaces across every industry. With an estimated 44 percent of current employees either seeking a new job or planning to soon, the so-called Great Resignation has left employers across the country scrambling to find new hires to fill the needs within their organizations. Some job seekers are looking for higher pay as inflation continues to rise, while others seek more flexible schedules. Offering jobs that satisfy these requests gives employers a greater chance of attracting the best candidates. Whether the role is project management, manufacturing, food service or a construction project manager, understanding the hiring landscape is important.

2022 Job Trends 

Much like 2021, 2022 is proving to be another promising year for job seekers. As the country gets back on track, many employers are working hard to find qualified candidates for their newly created jobs, as well as fill existing positions that have been vacated. Knowing that the market is tilted in favor of job seekers, employers need to offer opportunities and benefits that will help their job openings stand out from the competition.

What You Should Know About the Job Market In 2022

While the height of the pandemic continues to fade further into the rearview mirror, its impact on the job market remains a very real thing. Add in the aging of the baby boomer generation who comprise a significant portion of the workforce, and it’s highly likely employers will continue to experience significant challenges in finding and retaining employees. Being aware of employee stress and burnout is also key to maintaining a happy, productive workforce. Certain industries, such as healthcare, are more prone to burnout and staying engaged with employees about their workload and stress levels can help address concerns before they become larger issues.

Population changes in different cities can also be a strong indicator of industry growth or stagnation. Population growth can lead to an increase in employment opportunities as the growing need for certain products and services causes employers to increase production or expand their hours of operation. Understanding population growth in the area or areas where you do business helps your company build and maintain your workforce.

Recruitment & Hiring Trends 

As job trends change, so do demands. It’s vital to keep up with recruitment and hiring trends in order to attract and retain the best talent. Assuming that doing things the way you’ve always done them can lead to the loss of existing employees or top candidates passing on an open position. It’s good practice to learn more about these trends, identify how they apply to your industry and implement new or updated policies that more closely align with them.

3 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2022 

Remote work

The pandemic led to more remote work being made available out of necessity as companies sought to remain productive at a time when gathering together wasn’t possible. The advent and growth of Google Meets, Zoom and other virtual meeting services helped connect coworkers as well as customers and assisted in project management when stakeholders can’t be in the same place. While offering remote work does have its challenges for companies, the reality is that even as COVID-related restrictions on travel and gatherings have eased, remote work is here to stay. Giving employees the flexibility to work remotely, on either a full-time basis or a hybrid model featuring some in-office hours, creates a more attractive work environment for job seekers and existing employees.

Fairness & Equity

Workers notice when other employees are treated differently and receive opportunities they don’t. Whether it’s the chance to work remotely, bonuses for new hires, moving to a location with a lower cost of living or other narrowly-targeted investments, employees notice when pay and benefits are not equitable across a company. It’s not always possible to do so in a completely equal manner, but being as equitable as possible makes a difference. 

No More Sitting On the Job

Sitting is viewed similarly to smoking in that it has been shown to have serious negative health impacts. As more employees work remotely and spend less time at a desk, the results on health and wellness have been mixed. Some workers have reported increased physical activity while working from home, leading to weight loss and better overall health. Others have gained weight and see it negatively impact their well-being. In response, many companies have adopted new communication plans, benefits, and technologies to support the physical movement of their remote employees to improve their health. Understanding the needs and challenges of employees whose jobs often include a lot of sitting and how to bring more movement into their roles goes a long way toward their job satisfaction.

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