Reasons to Use a Job Hiring Agency

Nov 28, 2022

How a Staffing Agency Can Help Your Job Hunt

If you’re in the market for a job, you may be wondering if you should seek the help of a staffing agency. There are so many benefits to having a staffing agency like Friday Staffing Services involved with your job hunt. Let’s go over the services that we provide job seekers in the Western North Carolina areas.

What Staffing Agencies Provide

Particularly when you’re new to the job market or if it has been a while since you’ve looked for a new position, a staffing agency can help you understand what’s happening in today’s marketplace. We help you get a pulse on various industries, job availability, and best practices for putting your best foot forward with prospective employers.

Many people don’t know this, but there’s no cost for job seekers who work with a staffing agency. We make your job search by giving you access to advantages like:

Access to a Network of Employers

Friday Services has been serving Western North Carolina since 1980, so we’re fluent in the marketplace. We know the employer landscape, including who is growing and looking for employees. We also have the benefit of understanding hiring trends in the region over time, which gives us a helpful perspective to share with job seekers.

Streamlined Job Search Process

With so many places to search and post job information online, it can be hard to know if you’re looking in the right place. Our team works tirelessly to know what’s available in our geography, so you have access to the latest opportunities in your area of interest. 

Helpful Advice and Resources 

In addition to our resources page and blog, Friday Services offers plenty of helpful advice with proven steps for finding a new and exciting next chapter in your professional life.

Access to Job Training

The team at Friday Services can even help you learn more about training, including gaining hands-on career training through our apprenticeship program.

How Companies Benefit from Staffing Agencies

For temporary, short- or long-term, or full-time jobs, staffing agencies like Friday Services help employers connect with a pool of vetted, pre-screened candidates that are well-suited for their positions. We take some of the burden of recruitment off an employer’s shoulders by assessing each candidate, including:

  • Background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Thorough reference and work history check
  • Skills assessments 

Learn more about advantages for employers.

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