What is it Like to Work With a Staffing Agency?

Sep 25, 2015

Friday Services Answers Questions from Job Seekers

The Friday Services team has been helping job seekers find the right temporary and long-term jobs ever since we were founded in 1980. If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work with Friday Services, or what it’s like to work with an employment agency in general, you can find answers in this FAQ. We have answered some of the most common questions that candidates ask us right here.

Is there a fee to get a job through Friday Services?

No. Friday Services has never charged our employees any fees to be registered with us or placed in a job. If we hire you and place you in a job, you will be paid the full hourly rate that will be set at the time of your placement.

What kind of jobs are you hiring for?

Friday Services places employees in a wide variety of jobs, including industrial jobs for skilled trades workers, unskilled labor, and many types of clerical positions in offices across Western North Carolina. Take a look at all of today’s open jobs here.

What if I don’t have a resume?

You are not required to have a resume to apply for a job with Friday Services. Our online job application will ask for your work history so we can get a sense of your skillset and background.

When you fill out the application you will need to have information handy about each job you have held over the past seven years including:

  • Employers’ names
  • A list of your job duties (work experience)
  • A list of all job titles you’ve held
  • Employer addresses (or city and state)
  • Contact phone numbers
  • All previous Supervisors’ names
  • Pay rates
  • Start dates and end dates (if you are no longer employed there)

I don’t have any work experience. Can I get placed in a job?

Some positions are entry level and do not require experience. Submit your online job application and we will see if we can match you in a job that will help you build up work experience.

Who can I use as a reference?

Professional or personal references will be helpful, though we do not recommend using friends or family members. Co-workers, teachers, volunteer supervisors, and coaches all make excellent references.

Will I need to take any tests during the application process?

Yes. Candidates are required to take skills tests that will vary based on the position you are applying for. If you are applying for a manufacturing job you will often be required to take a basic math test. If you are applying for an office job, you will be required to take tests that are specific to clerical positions including grammar, typing, ten-key, and proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word software. You will be able to pick the version of Excel and Word that you are most comfortable with. These are only examples, other tests may be required of you at the time of application.

Does you offer your employees benefits?

Yes, Friday Services offers eligible employees a variety of employee benefits including vacation pay and holiday pay for:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Do you offer Referral Bonuses?

Yes! Friday Services will pay a $25.00 referral bonus to anyone who hires someone who is hired by Friday’s and works an assignment for a full 40 hours or more. For every person you refer to our employment agency who has never been registered before, we will pay the $25.00 referral fee as soon as that person completes their first 40 hour shift. You can earn this bonus more than once!

Job Seekers, Do You Have Any Questions We Did Not Answer Here?

We are hoping to add to this list and answer even more of the questions that you have about working for Friday Services. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact us to ask. Our whole team is passionate about helping workers find the right jobs for them. No question is too small. If you’ve been wondering, we want to help get you answers.


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