Project Manager

Aug 10, 2023

Job ID:136315


Job Position: Project Manager

Location: Greenville, SC 29601

Pay Rate: $75000.00-100000.00

Construction Project Manager

Responsibility for Company Assets/Image

  • Vehicle for company use only. Wash monthly, service at regular intervals, keep receipts/records of same

  • Computer, phone, related accessories for company use, keep in safe place; protect from damage

  • Credit Card for company and job-related expenses. Keep in safe location. Provide receipts on a weekly basis for timely expense reporting for O/H and job-related costs.

  • Wear company provided attire while at work

  • Keep Office Manager informed of any accidents/damage to company assets

  • Keep protected tools, plans, and other company confidential information

Responsibility for Communication

  • Weekly updates to Clients defining job progress via BuilderTrend, including photographs of construction progress to capture progress and specifications when possible. Update schedule progress in BuilderTrend weekly to aid in other departmental functions for decision making and scheduling for selections.

  • Communicate with Clients in a timely fashion as needed for input to ensure job construction progress. Process change orders via BuilderTrend in a timely fashion for Client approval, following contract provisions for change orders.

  • Communicate with Director of Finance and Construction Ops Mgr. as needed/requested, to share and elicit information critical for job records, billing, scheduling, permitting, ARBs etc.

  • Attend weekly construction meetings with Construction Ops Mgr., et al, as a forum to share critical information needs from other company departments, i.e., Accounting, Design, and Interiors. Share job related budget to actual information as necessary/requested, which will be used for overall company planning

  • Communicate PTO use via online scheduling. Update voicemail greeting and email auto answer to indicate when you are off on regular workdays.

  • Create and maintains relationships with referral sources and work with VP of Operations and President to maximize sales, referrals, and benefit the company reputation.

Responsibility for Project Construction

  • Maintain on site, signed plans and specs, foundation, floor/ceiling/roof engineering-layouts, building permits, septic permits, cabinetry and tile drawings, landscaping plans and any other documents necessary to complete the project

  • Contract/engage, schedule, and supervise subcontractors for scopes of work, quality and timeliness of work, and adherence to job specifications.

  • Procure specified materials for projects in a timely fashion

  • Sequence construction operations in a manner to allow maximum opportunity for quality workmanship and achieving construction schedules

  • Maintain a safe, clean, and orderly job site including erosion control effectiveness, material staging, and fall protection guardrails at window and door openings, stairwells, elevator shafts, etc.

Project and Region Financial Responsibility

  • Complete draw worksheets as required

  • Utilize the PO system for all subcontracts and material purchases for a target goal of 80% of project expenditures

  • Create and maintain Change Orders including supporting data, per contract terms to ensure profitability of said Change Order. Timeliness of change order approval is critical to maintain adequate cash flow on said change orders.

  • Examine, approve, code and/or otherwise process invoices for entry into the AP system, including meeting PO terms. Balance progress payments vs work performed to protect the financial interests of the company and the Client

  • Work with design, accounting, and other teams to develop budgets.

  • Adhere to builder budgets when engaging subcontractors/vendors, including negotiation as needed. Share budget vs actuals to aid in future accuracy of budgeting.

  • Assist Director of Finance with project financial closeout and allowance reconciliation as requested

  • Train and educate others within staff

Responsibility for Continual Improvement

  • Assist in plan review and budgeting at the DD and CD stages of design

  • Attend quarterly review of plan detailing, consistency of same, specification review and consistency of same, prepare information to share with attendees, Director of Design and President

  • Perform QC inspections 1-4 on all regional jobsites

  • Assist the President with:

o Subcontractor and vendor evaluations for inclusion/exclusion from bid list

o Refinement/Consistency of Specifications and Standards for Construction

o Field Identification of recurring design/specification improvements/cost savings

o Feedback on internal processes/opportunities for improvements

o Feedback Work with VP of Operations and President to improve overall Region profitability and competiveness.

Responsibility for Supervision

  • Supervises/Directs PM I & II in furtherance of projects and assists the SR PM in achieving the above responsibilities. Share information with PM I & II and SR PM for their continued knowledge and growth.

Physical Requirements

Position requires the individual to travel to different locations within the building region, move materials, handle equipment, and maintain jobsite, etc.