May 21, 2024

Job ID:136873


Job Position: Plumber

Location: Enka, NC 28728

Pay Rate: $25-30/hr

Job Title: Experienced Lead Plumber

Location: Buncombe and Haywood Counties

Position Type: Full-time, Direct Hire

Number of Openings: 4-5

We are seeking 4-5 experienced plumbers to work on new residential units in Buncombe, Haywood, and surrounding WNC areas. Responsibilities include groundwork, rough-in, and trim-out plumbing tasks with minimal supervision. Duties also involve regular maintenance, installations, inspections, and repairs at both commercial and residential sites.



– Site Assessment: Evaluate existing plumbing infrastructure.

– Excavation: Dig trenches or holes for plumbing lines.

– Pipe Placement: Install pipes underground or within structures.

– Foundation Preparation: Level and compact ground for plumbing systems.

– Utility Connections: Connect to municipal water supplies, sewer lines, etc.

Rough In

-Water Supply Lines: Install pipes for fresh water to fixtures.

– Drainage Pipes: Install pipes to carry wastewater away.

– Vent Pipes: Ensure proper drainage and remove sewer gases.

– Fixture Supports: Install support brackets for fixtures.

– Shut-off Valves: Place valves to control water flow.

Trim Out

– Fixture Installation: Connect sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.

– Trim Pieces: Attach decorative plates, escutcheons, and flanges.

– Drain Covers: Install drain covers and overflow plates.

– Supply Lines: Connect hot and cold water lines to fixtures.

– Additional Accessories: Install water filtration systems, garbage disposals, etc.


– Experience in residential plumbing.

– Ability to work independently and in a team.

– Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

– Reliable transportation.

– Willingness to work overtime as necessary.

– Must provide basic hand tools; other tools are provided.

– Must be sober and honest.

– Criminal background check required.


– $25-30/hour depending on skills and experience.

– Paid holidays and vacation.

– Quarterly bonus opportunity based on performance.