Aug 4, 2022


Job Position: Inspector

Location: Arden, NC 28704

Pay Rate: $15.50

Shift: 1st

Description: In a darkened environment, load parts in a fixture, and start cycle. Then inspect part visually under fluorescent light for cracks and other defects. Additional, responsibilities include quarantine area, sorting nonconforming product and rework activities. •Must Pass a Mandatory Eye Exam •Must be able to Sit or Stand for 8 hours or more •Must be able to lift 20lbs at a time •Must be able to use a Pallet jack to move product •Basic Math Skills required •Inspects visually – willing and able to pass a certification for Magnetic Particle Testing from the American Society of Non Destructive Testing, which will be company sponsored. •Responsible for safe handling of chemicals as well as Storage •Checks mixing ratios of chemicals •Change tank water Weekly as required •Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations.