Experienced CNC Operator

Jan 12, 2023

Job ID:135678


Job Position: Experienced CNC Operator

Location: Arden, NC 28704

Pay Rate: $20.00

Shift: Monday through Friday 7am to 3:30pm

JOB PURPOSE: Machinist capable of operating CNC and manual lathes, mills, drills, and cutting tools. Employee has the ability to read and interpret mechanical drawings, to set-up machines to the correct specifications, and to modify CNC programs according to engineering prints to produce a finished product.


• Edit/modify programs for CNC machines. Preferred experience with HAAS controls

• Operates CNC machines to produce product according to tolerances specified on engineering prints

• Sets up and operate manual lathes, saws, cutting tools slotting tools, grinders to meet exact tolerances on engineering prints.

• Performs routine inspections and minor maintenance

• Troubleshoots and corrects operational and quality issues

• Ensures the machine is in compliance with operational and safety requirements

• Performs housekeeping duties as required

• Meets all production standards

• Operate multiple machines as a machinist

• Work in a constant state of alertness

• Work cooperatively with co-workers

• Monitor feed and speed of machines, lubrication of metal stock coolants

• Responsible for the results of employees working under him in a cell atmosphere.


• Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings

• Ability to write CNC programs

• Ability to set up and operate manual lathes and other machines according to precise tolerances.

• Basic maintenance skills

• Requires set of own machinist tools/hand tools

• Requires math skills that include geometry and algebra

• Must have knowledge of tool holders cutting tools fixtures and other accessories used in various machines

• Communicate with supervisors, peers or subordinates

• Organize, plan and prioritize work


• Stand and walk on concrete for the extent of the work shift

• Must be able to perform repetitive motions

• Must have strong finger/hand dexterity

• Use muscles to lift, push, pull, or carry heavy objects

• Bend, stretch, twist, or reach out