Cast Shop

May 17, 2022

Job ID:134844


Job Position: Cast Shop

Location: Hendersonville, NC 28792

Pay Rate: $16.00

Shift: 1st Cast Shop

Description: This position is responsible for performing the buttering/edge treatment/saw, packing, roller hearth, slurry prep, impregnation, and documentation (senior packer) duties. This includes meeting safety and housekeeping standards, completing required documentation, and producing product to quality and production rate standards. Team Members will rotate through acquired skill blocks. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Buttering/ Edge Treatment/ Saw: Rotate among the following five functions in this area. Spread slurry evenly onto cut edge of filters. When required, apply OTP to filter surface. Use air hose nozzle to remove excess slurry from filter edges. Load filter into roller hearth following correct loading pattern, clean roller hearth entrance rollers. Remove filters from convection dryer and check for defects.