Area General Manager

Aug 25, 2023

Job ID:136356


Job Position: Area General Manager

Location: Asheville, NC 28804

Pay Rate: $80000.00-85000.00


Friday Services is recruiting to find our client the ideal candidate for their Area General Manager position, if you think that is you apply today!

The Area General Manager, while maintaining a strong focus on training, work-life balance, and cultivating a fun atmosphere, plays a pivotal role as a guiding figure and mentor within the growing food and beverage operation of the organization. This position holds the responsibility of upholding the established company standards, fostering an open and collaborative environment, all while achieving both financial and qualitative benchmarks of achievement. Excelling in this position requires a masterful ability to harmonize the diverse needs of the team, patrons, local community, and ownership, effectively managing time and energy to ensure success on all fronts.


  • Oversee operations of two existing locations and manage catering operations, prioritizing the achievement of businesses Key Business Drivers.

  • Directly supervise General Managers of both stores and the Catering Sales and Events Coordinator.

  • Lead by example, capable of performing any role within their supervision.

  • Demonstrate an exceptional understanding of the menu, particularly a passion for NC-style BBQ.

  • Manage critical vendor relationships to ensure optimal service and product quality.

  • Foster an environment where every guest “Tastes the Love,”ensuring repeat visits and exceptional experiences.

  • Thrive within a collaborative team setting, actively contributing to collective success.

  • Advocate for and nurture community relationships to enhance local ties.

  • Participate as a member of the Executive Committee alongside the Owner, Chief Administrative Officer, and Company Advisor.

  • Collaborate closely with the Chief Administrative Officer to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

  • Develop and execute personal and store Quarterly Business Plans, providing weekly progress reports.

  • Maintain a consistently positive, professional demeanor and appearance as a leadership example.

  • Play a pivotal role in expanding company’s legacy by contributing to new location openings.

  • Display above-average leadership expertise, encompassing recruitment, hiring, training, retention, crucial conversations, and team development.

  • Identify training requirements and implement development strategies with clear, achievable objectives.

  • Ensure adherence to NC Restaurant laws concerning alcohol and sanitation.

  • Demonstrate financial acumen by crafting annual financial plans, closely monitoring financial performance, and ensuring budgetary compliance.

  • Formulate comprehensive sales and marketing plans to drive revenue growth and community engagement, establishing a culture of “Always Marketing.”

  • Act as a brand ambassador and protector, consistently applying companies Brand Standards in decision-making.

  • Fulfill other assigned duties and responsibilities.

  • Cultivate a deliberate culture of care, both in provision and promotion.


  • Demonstrate experience of 4 years, acquired through either education and/or work engagement, in sectors such as hospitality, restaurant management, or related domains.

  • Previous involvement in catering operations is advantageous.

  • Proficient in technology, with a notable capacity for swift acquisition of new computer applications. Familiarity with platforms like Upserve, Google Workspace, and 7Shifts is beneficial.

  • Innate and abundant hospitality, consistently extended to team members, guests, and vendors, regardless of circumstances.

  • Possession of a valid Driver’s License and access to transportation for attending store meetings and events.

  • Adept in various technical aspects, including beverage management, kitchen operations, employee relations, and front desk operations. Proficient in imparting standards and procedures within these realms to Managers, Supervisors, and other team members.

  • Comprehensive grasp of North Carolina’s regulations concerning alcohol and sanitation.

Desirable Characteristics and Behaviors:

  • Demonstrates adaptability and a keen sense of task delegation appropriateness.

  • Proficient in leading and fostering diverse teams.

  • Holds both oneself and team members accountable to the established standards of hospitality, fun, and excellence.

  • Communicates articulately, providing clear and consistent written and verbal communication.

  • Possesses a meticulous attention to detail.

  • Exhibits excellent time management and organizational skills.

  • Engages in interpersonal communication that inspires and motivates.

  • Infuses the restaurant with daily doses of positive energy and enjoyment.

  • Embodies integrity, honesty, authenticity, and a strong dedication to excellence.

  • Displays a keen desire to evolve and advance alongside the company, contributing to its growth.

  • Recognizes and practices emotional intelligence.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

  • While fulfilling job responsibilities, the employee must engage in activities such as standing, walking, speaking, and hearing.

  • A substantial portion of the day/shift will involve being on one’s feet. This includes the need to stoop, kneel, or crouch; extend reach using hands and arms; utilize hands for manipulating tools or controls; as well as the capability to lift and/or relocate substantial objects, including tables and cases of food and beverages. The employee should be capable of lifting approximately 20 pounds overhead.

  • There will be instances where sitting and working directly on a computer for extended periods is required.

  • Maintaining consistent mental focus and visual attention is essential.

  • The role may involve operating catering vehicles and necessitate driving responsibilities.

Working Environment:

  • Involves a kitchen setting with exposure to heated areas, hot equipment, sizzling plates, and sharp utensils.

  • Will be required to operate in outdoor settings for off-site catering occasions.

  • Encompasses an office environment.

  • The schedule is dynamic and subject to variation from week to week. The role may require work during weekends and holidays.